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    Jan 19, 2018

    Lifestyle Tips - With Tomas Samalionis


    1. Do not blindly listen. Ask as many questions as possible from many qualified people about the matter, but make your own decision at the end. I always do that no matter how small or big projects is. Did I mention ask questions ?

    2. Work with smart people you like. I believe chemistry at work is very important, surround yourself with team you choose. Back in Lithuania we had this saying “alone on a field not a soldier” and I believe that to be receptive to start successful business you need talented committed, loyal people.

    3. Step back and disconnect. It is crucial while working on any new idea or project to take a step back revaluate situation and reenergize. It is easy to loose sharp thinking specially when you working on solving problems and believe me there a many of them when starting new adventure or trying to improve already existing one, taking step back gives you ability to see things more clear. I personally try to get away at least once a month, take a small trip let myself forget daily routine.


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