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Zoe Saldana

Nina Simone, Zoe Saldana et moi

Le casting de Zoe Saldana dans le rôle de Nina Simone est un reflet volé à la petite fille que j'étais, et à tant d'autres aujourd'hui.

How "Nina" Became A Disaster Movie

More than 11 years in the making, Nina has been accused of racist casting and wounded by behind-the-scenes fighting. Here, the filmmakers reveal how it all went so wrong.

How This Year's Oscars Got Made

BuzzFeed News observed portions of the final four days of rehearsal for the 87th Academy Awards, and learned some surprising things about how Hollywood’s biggest night came together — including what was going on with Terrence Howard.

"Guardians Of The Galaxy" Outtake Reveals A Surprising Dance Off

"At the time, none of us knew if any of this was going to work," Chris Pratt told BuzzFeed News about the climactic scene of the Marvel Studios blockbuster. Featuring an exclusive outtake from the Blu-ray edition of the film. Oh, and SPOILERS ahead!

Zoe Saldana Sizzles In Colombiana

My girl crush in a movie by the guy that wrote Taken? Yes please. It's like they took the Bond girl from Quantam of Solace and gave her her own movie. Word of advice to bad guys, stop murdering the parents of young girls while they watch.

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