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Congress Returns To Finger Pointing Over Zika Impasse

“Why would the Democrats continue to do that with American lives in jeopardy? That’s the question that needs to be asked" Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy argued Tuesday.

FDA Calls For Zika Testing Of All Blood Donors

Blood donations nationwide should be tested for the Zika virus, federal health officials said on Friday, spurred by outbreaks in Florida and Puerto Rico.

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FDA Approves Mutant Mosquito Experiment In Florida Keys

US officials concluded a field test in the Florida Keys of mutant mosquitoes engineered to kill off their disease carrying kin wouldn't harm the environment. Florida officials still need to approve the experiment on an isolated island.

Miami Now Has 14 Cases Of Zika From Local Mosquitoes

Florida governor Rick Scott added 10 cases of the Zika virus transmitted by local mosquitoes to the count in Miami. He asked for federal emergency help to stem an outbreak.

WHO: Rio Olympics Pose "Very Low" Risk Of Zika Spread

The United Nations health organization reiterated that the Zika virus is a public health emergency, but poses little risk of spreading due to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this August.

CDC Widens Warnings About Zika And Pregnancy

Federal health officials added pregnant women with positive Zika virus tests, but without symptoms, to disease reports. Babies can be affected even if their mothers did not show symptoms of the virus during pregnancy.

U.S. Zika Tests "Unacceptably" Backlogged

Zika virus tests of pregnant women are excessively backlogged in various states and territories nationwide, a federal health official said.

Zika Panic Spreads Among Pregnant Women

Pregnant women in Brazil and elsewhere have lots of questions, and no good answers. “Pregnant women are almost forgotten,” one Brazilian woman said. “All the advice is to not get pregnant.”

Zika Linked To Stillborn Fetuses, One With Swollen Belly

On Thursday, researchers linked the Zika virus to a stillborn fetus who not only had an abnormally small head, but a swollen belly. It’s the first suggestion that Zika could cause birth defects outside of the brain.

3 Zika Deaths In Venezuela

Although the Zika virus normally causes only mild symptoms, Venezuela is reporting hospitalizations and three deaths as the virus linked to birth defects spreads.

Texas Confirms Case Of Zika Virus Transmitted By Sexual Contact

A tropical virus spreading explosively through Central and South America was sexually transmitted to a person in Dallas. The finding confirms the virus can be sexually transmitted and is the first locally acquired U.S. case of the virus during the current outbreak.

Jamaica Reports First Case Of Zika Virus

Early reports said that Jamaica's first confirmed Zika infection stemmed from a 4-year-old's travel to Texas. But Texas says it ain't so.

These Heartbreaking Pictures Show The Effects Of The Zika Virus

The Zika virus is spreading "explosively" according to the WHO, affecting 24 regions. In Brazil, Zika has been linked to an increase in birth defects, particularly microcephaly, or an abnormally small brain.

Americans: Don’t Panic Over Zika Just Yet

The spread of Zika in the U.S. hinges on how, and which, mosquitoes carry the virus. Aedes aegypti likes to bite people in homes, but most in the U.S. have screens and air-conditioning.

Zika Virus Poses Real Threat Of Spreading To The U.S., Experts Say

A U.S. travel warning calls for pregnant women to avoid trips to Latin and South America because of birth defects linked to a tropical disease outbreak. “There is a real risk the disease will spread,” one expert said.

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