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16 Hilariously Weird Food Questions People Have Asked Yahoo! Answers

"Just ate 52 pizza rolls, will I die in my sleep?"

19 Cringe-Worthy Yahoo Questions That Should've Just Been Googled

"I swallowed an ice cube whole, and I haven't pooped it it stuck?"

21 Yahoo Answers Questions That'll Make You Die A Little Inside

"Why when I spray Axe the girls not all over me?"


14 Fucking Funny Holiday Yahoo! Answers Questions That'll Fill You With Joy

These people's New Years Resolutions are hopefully to gain intelligence.


21 People Who Have No Bloody Idea How A Period Works

"Do cat fish have menstrual periods?"


27 People Who Are Hopefully OK

"Just ate 52 pizza rolls, will I die in my sleep?"

24 People Who Should Never Ever Have Sex Again

"Does peeing in a girls butt present any serious health risks?"

23 Yahoo Questions That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

"Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant?"

16 Incredibly Dumb Questions About Canada On Yahoo Answers

"Do they have toilet paper in Canada?"

24 Users Of Yahoo Answers Who Need To Chill The F*ck Out

These people need to step away from the internet and get some fresh air.

14 People Who Wish They Never Asked The Internet For Help

Reminder: The internet is not your friend.

14 Facts About Satan That Are 100% True According To Yahoo Answers

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was randomly switching your browser to Yahoo.

23 Things You'll Never Be Able To Do

No matter how hard you try.

17 Questions From Dogs On Yahoo Answers

All this time the dogs have been running their own section of Yahoo Answers.


14 Tumblrs That Should Totally Be A Thing

Seriously, you should start one of these.

24 Yahoo Answers That Prove Sex Education Needs To Step Up Its Game

Everyone calm down. You're all DEFINITELY pregnant.

21 Crystal Clear Examples Of Why We Need Sex Ed Classes In Public Schools

According to Yahoo Answers, the kids are definitely not all right.

17 Wise "Yahoo Answers" Responses By Rainer Maria Rilke

Sometimes what you really need is advice from our greatest German-language poet.

21 Yahoo Answers That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

Yahoo Answers has a reputation for being home to some of the stupidest people on the internet. Until you scroll down to the answers.

The 17 Most Perfect WikiHow Articles Ever Written

You'll be a mermaid in no time.


19 Medical Emergencies Only Yahoo Answers Can Help You With

Seriously, don't even bother calling a doctor. They'll just get the police involved, and then NOTHING will get solved.

Where You Can Buy A Gaydar

Thanks Yahoo! Answers.

26 Things The Internet Wants To Know About Emo Kids

People sure are curious about how to be a proper emo kid, like what do emo kids wear in the summer? Can you be emo if you have curly hair?

15 Questions People Have Asked About Their Underwear

"What manner of underpants does Batman wear?"

The 15 Best Questions People Have Asked About Fairies

These believers turned to Yahoo Answers for advice on how to gain a fairy's trust, how to befriend one (legally of course), and what happens if fairies kidnap you.

Living The Yahoo! Answers Lifestyle

What it's like to spend a day following the very worst advice on the internet.

15 Most Ridiculous Sex Questions On Yahoo Answers

Ever wanted to know how to get a "sex spirit," or how masturbation will affect your athletic career? These people did.

Fedoras And The Internet: A Torrid Love Affair

People on the internet love fedoras, but why?

Are There Birds In Canada?

I did not know this; but then, Canada has always been a mystery. Yahoo Answers to the rescue.

The 27 Dumbest Penis Questions on Yahoo Answers

I guess there's a lot of confusing situations you can get into with those things.

Taking A Stand Against Banned Books

Godspeed noble high schooler. Most of the time I pass screen grabs from Yahoo Answers! off as hoaxes, but I really want this one to be true.

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