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World War 2


The Liberation Of Paris, Then And Now: 24 Haunting Images That Blend The Past And Present

Photographer Julien Knez has matched up pictures of the liberation of Paris 70 years ago to how the city looks now.

70 Years On, Images Of D-Day Blended With The Present

Photographer Peter Macdiarmid has blended images of the D-Day invasion of German-occupied Europe with photos of the locations as they look today.


26 Ghostly Images Of World War Two, Blended With The Present

History buffs have traversed Europe to create a collection of unique images that blend 1940s war-torn Europe with colour present day photos.


9 Haunting Then-And-Now Photos Of World War II Europe

Dutch historian Jo Teuwisse creates these images by combining digitized photo negatives from the war with painstakingly framed photos of the same locations as they are today.

Blending WWII Pictures Into Today

Sergey Larenkov is a Russian-based artist/photographer put together a tremendous set of collages of historic World War II photographs merged with the same locations as they look today.

Echoes Of War

Photographer Sergei Larenkov combines pictures of modern day Germany, Russia and Austria with photos taken from WWII. The results are both haunting and lovely.

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