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World Records


Man Fits 800 Straws In His Mouth

Dinesh Upadhyaya held 800 straws in his mouth at once, which asserts is the new world record. However, Guinness World Records has not verified this feat, saying instead the current record belongs to Simon Elmore, who held 400 straws in his mouth.


New Joust World Record

John McAllister has just beaten another longtime video game high score (his last one was on Asteroids). This time, he beat a 25-year-old record of 107,216,700 on Joust. He started playing on Thursday. The video shows an amazing sequence he pulled off during the course of his marathon session.


In Progress: Longest Nose Touch Record

At 8:12 this morning, two brave young men, John and Rob from Serious Lunch, began an attempt to set the world record for Longest Time for Two People to Touch Noses. is on hand to monitor the attempt.

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