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"Wired" Reporter To Maddow: "Never Underestimate The Spinelessness Of A Democrat"

Danger Room's Spencer Ackerman rains on Rachel Maddow's parade after the MSNBC host said that she thought Democrats were ready to fight Republicans to the finish over Guantanamo Bay.

The Web Is Dead

Goodnight, Sweet Prince. Wired breaks it down for you, somewhat controversially, in its September issue, but the gist is that we are moving to a "post-HTML environment" where apps are king and the browser is a quaint oddity from a happier, less capitalistic time.

Girl Talk Infographic

While the Wiki entry is helpful, this infographic from Wired beautifully lays out the progression of songs in Girl Talk's mashed masterpiece, "What It's All About."

Which Blowhard Am I?

Rex Sorgatz made this handy blowhard-related flowchart for Wired.

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