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Where The Wild Things Are


Only A True Bookworm Will Be Able To Pass This Children's Book Quiz

Primary school nostalgia in!


16 Hilarious One-Star Reviews Of Children's Books

"Dr Seuss was an evil genius, bent on traumatising children."


Which Book Scared You The Most As A Child?

Why did our parents even let us read these?!


What Straight Boys' "Favorite Books" Say About Them

You haven't read that, bro, so don't put it in your dating profile.

26 Things I Learned At Jim Henson's Creature Shop

I traveled to the Creature Shop for an exclusive look at what's under the fur. Here's what the mentors from Syfy's Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge had to say about their creations.

15 Children's Books Re-Envisioned For College Students

Harry Potter and the Chem 101 Curve.

23 Adorable And Quirky Ways To Wear Your Favorite Book

Been meaning to dress up your Kindle? This post has you covered.

The Maurice Sendak Google Doodle Was Just The Best

The Google homepage turned into a heartfelt tribute to the late creator of Where the Wild Things Are. Today would have been Sendak's 85th birthday.

Aaron Paul's Wild Rumpus

The actor dressed as Max from Where The Wild Things Are for Halloween.

Awesome "Where The Wild Things" Are Cake

There is no way this cake could ever be eaten. By the new Charm City Cakes West in Los Angeles.

What Was Your Favorite Children's Book Growing Up And Why?

Today's a good day to celebrate how important children's books are to kids growing up. What book helped shape you and still sticks with you today?


President Obama Gets Really Into Reading "Where The Wild Things Are"

This is beyond priceless. From today's White House Easter Egg Roll, here's the President, Michelle Obama and Bo reading the Maurice Sendak classic to children.

Christopher Walken Reads Where The Wild Things Are

"Theres a bear strung up, I assume murdered; I don't know, there's a stool." [Ed. note: This has been around before, but it's a slow buzz day and it's fantastic, so why not treat yourself?]


Watch Stephen Colbert And Maurice Sendak Get High On Markers

Old people using inhalants seems to be a thing this week! Here's the conclusion of Stephen Colbert's highly entertaining interview with "Where The Wild Things Are" author Maurice Sendak, during which the curmudgeonly legend reviews Colbert's new children's book, "I Am A Pole (And So Can You)," before teaching him how to illustrate... while high on markers.

Where The Wild Things Really Are

Obviously, they're to be found on the subway.


Where The Wild Jedi Are

Star Wars Day might be over but the amazing homages just keep flowing in.

The Wilderness Downtown

Google and The Arcade Fire made this nice interactive video thing for you to get all nostalgic with.


Tony Soprano As a Wild Thing

What if James Gandolfini could only play one character? The media reacts. (Via.)

Where the Dirty Hipsters Are

If Where the Wild Things Are was about hipsters rather than for hipsters. Gotcha Media

Where The Girls Gone Wild Things Are

Someone mashed up 'Where the Wild Things Are' with 'Girls Gone Wild', creating something I'm not sure I feel OK watching.

Dave Eggers Writes a Furry Book

Dave Eggers has written an adaptation of a movie adaptation of a children's book: Where The Wild Things Are. If you're already wigging about buying a Max body suit, then all you literary furries can also buy a book encased in fuzz.

Van Gogh's Where The Wild Things Are

If Van Gogh liked Maurice Sendak, he would've painted this.

'Where The Wild Things Are' Cupcakes

Claire made these for her roommate as a farewell present.

Karen O's 'Where The Wild Things Are' Single

"All Is Love," the first song from Karen O's Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack, is streaming on MySpace.

Maurice Sendak Talks "Wild Things"

The famously misanthropic author behind the book seems visibly enthusiastic about Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers's predictably twee, luscious film adaptation set to open this fall.


Rare Clip of Disney's Where The Wild Things Are

In 1983 Disney and John Lasseter were doing a Where the Wild Things Are movie. It didn't work out because of expense and Lasseter was fired, but there is still this clip, a relic of early computer animation. [via The Uniblog]

Terrible Yellow Eyes

Because of the upcoming movie release, I've been really loving all things Wild recently. This site is a collection of works that are inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, and it's all fairly awesome. Via DesignWorkLife.


'Where The Wild Things Are' Focus Group

Spike Jonze tests a mask from Where The Wild Things Are on an unwilling child.


"Everyone Poops" Trailer

Here's a fake trailer for the Spike Jonze feature length adaptation of Everyone Poops that makes fun of Where the Wild Things Are and pretty much the entire genre of quirky indie films.

Make Your Own 'Where The Wild Things Are' Trailer

Videogum has some extended instructions for your DIY Spike Jonze pleasure.


'Where The Wild Things Are' Trailer

The first trailer for the Eggers/Jonze adaptation is here. Pro tip: watch in a place where you can flap your arms and squeal like a small child.

Where the Wild Things Are

A couple new still images from Spike Jonze's long-awaited movie of Where the Wild Things Are are online.

Maurice Sendak

The beloved children's writer and illustrator -- of books like Where The Wild Things Are and Chicken Soup With Rice -- recently turned 80, and is still as sad, angry, and misanthropic as ever.

Where The Wild Things Are

An early clip leaked from Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers's upcoming film adaptation of the classic Maurice Sendak book raises questions online.

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