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The 12 Best Paranormal Sightings Of 2012

By January, many were already reporting reporting that 2012 was going to be a big year for UFO sightings. But 2012 wasn't just a big year for flying saucer sightings — it was a big year for the paranormal in general.

The 23 Best And/Or Weirdest Images Of "My Little Damon"

Just...goddamn. There's a subreddit dedicated to "My Little Damon: Friendship is Mattgic". We don't know why it exists, but it does. So there you go.


Boobs Don't Work That Way

A Tumblr entitled Boobs Don't Work That Way features pictures of ladies from Video Games, Comics, Animation and beyond whose breasts can't be explained by things like physics or biology. Check it out and snicker at the craziness of these gravity defying jugs. The site is sort of NSFW. (via The Uniblog)

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