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Self-Driving Waymo Vehicle In Arizona Crash Was “In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time,” Police Say

The operator in the self-driving vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Google's Waymo Just Unveiled An Electric, Completely Self-Driving Jaguar

Some 20,000 of the luxury cars are scheduled to be built by 2021.

Waymo Settles Trade Secrets Lawsuit With Uber And Everyone Is Friends Again

The surprise settlement, in which Waymo obtained 0.34% of Uber's equity, valued at $245 million at a $72 billion valuation, comes four days after the start of the trial.

Greed, Bros, “Cheat Codes”: Travis Kalanick Testifies For The Second Day In Waymo V. Uber

“Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.”

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Grilled In Self-Driving Car Suit

Uber's former CEO resigned in June, but answered questions under oath on Tuesday about his role in acquiring a self-driving car startup that's now at the center of a billion-dollar lawsuit.

Waymo's Trial Against Uber Kicks Off With Accusations Of Cheating

After 11 months of waiting, the closely watched legal battle between two tech heavyweights began on Monday. Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is expected on the stand on Tuesday.

The Legal Consequences Of Sending Disappearing Messages At Work

A judge’s ruling on Uber employees’ use of ephemeral messaging apps like Wickr and Signal could impact other companies that use communication tools that auto-delete.

Uber Accused Of Espionage, Bribery, Hacking, And More In Bombshell Letter

A former Uber employee accused the company of corporate espionage, unlawful surveillance, illegal wiretapping, bribery of foreign officials, and illicit hacking.

Uber Attorney Calls Former Employee’s Allegations Of Corporate Espionage “Extortionate"

Her testimony was "outrageous and could be defamatory," an attorney for the former employee told BuzzFeed News. The allegations from that former Uber employee are now at the center of Waymo's case against Uber for theft of trade secrets.

A Bombshell Letter That Could Change Waymo's Case Against Uber Is Being Kept Confidential For Now

The public will have to wait to read the letter in which a former Uber employee said he observed the company’s attempts to hack competitors, steal trade secrets, and cover up potentially illegal operations.

Uber's Internal Investigation Into Allegedly Stolen Trade Secrets Was Just Made Public

When Uber acquired a former Google engineer’s self-driving startup, it hired a law firm to investigate whether he stole any intellectual property.

The Latest Ruling In Uber Versus Waymo Is A Win For Waymo

Waymo will be allowed to tell the trial jury that Uber's lawyers concealed their possession of Google files, US District Judge William Alsup ruled.

Uber Quietly Unsealed Ousted CEO’s Deposition In The Uber–Waymo Case Over The Weekend

Uber founder Travis Kalanick, whose company is being sued by Google over allegedly stolen trade secrets, was deposed last month. His responses to over six hours of questioning regarding the case became public late on Friday.

No Driverless Cars On India's Roads, Says Country's Transport Minister

“How can we allow such vehicles when we already have a huge number of unemployed people?”

Waymo Drops Nearly All Of Its Patent Claims In Self-Driving Lawsuit Against Uber

The case is narrowing as it heads toward an Oct. 10 trial date.

Uber, Now In A Court Battle With Google, Once Tried To Be Its Partner

A new court filing shows ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sought to meet with Google cofounder Larry Page in 2015.

Uber Says Former Self-Driving Leader At Center Of Lawsuit Promised Not To Use Google Files

"Uber never used any Google trade secrets or patented technology in the development of the technology at issue in this case," the ride-hail giant's lawyers wrote in a court filing.

Tim Cook Just Confirmed That Apple Is Working On Tech For Self-Driving Cars

It's not clear if we'll get an actual Apple Car, but it's an area that Apple is very, very interested in.

Uber Rival Waymo Is Testing Self-Driving Trucks Too

The company is expanding its self-driving car efforts.

Another Setback For Uber In Self-Driving Car Lawsuit

The biggest legal battle in tech continues to heat up.

Uber Threatens To Fire Engineer At Center Of Self-Driving Lawsuit By Google's Waymo

Anthony Levandowski's lawyers claim he got a stern letter from Uber's general counsel.

Uber Is Fighting To Push Waymo's Self-Driving Lawsuit Out Of The Public Eye

The ride-hail giant is attempting to force the lawsuit into arbitration.

Uber And Google Are Fighting Over Very Old “Lidar” Technology. Here’s Why.

Lidar, a 54-year-old technology used by most self-driving cars, is now at the center of the Uber-Waymo lawsuit. Here’s how it works.

The Self-Driving Lawsuit Against Uber Could Land Executives In Prison

A rare order from a federal judge alerting prosecutors to possible criminal misconduct by Uber could be really bad news for the ride-hail company.

Waymo Alleges Otto Was A Ruse To Help Uber Steal Its Self-Driving Tech

Otto, the self-driving truck startup Uber purchased, was a "cover-up scheme," Waymo said in court proceedings.

Uber Slams Waymo’s "Failed Allegations" In Legal Battle Over Self Driving Cars

In a Friday court filing, Uber claims there is not a “scintilla of actual evidence” that it has misappropriated Waymo's self-driving car secrets.

Waymo Says Uber Concealed A Secret Technology It Copied From Waymo From The Court

Waymo swiped back at Uber in court filings today, alleging that the company intentionally concealed a secret, second self-driving technology from the court.

Uber Says It Didn't Steal Waymo's Self-Driving Tech

In a court response, Uber said it did not find the allegedly downloaded files in its systems.

Waymo Asks Judge To Stop Uber From Using Allegedly Stolen Self-Driving-Car Secrets

The Google spinoff alleges that Otto, the self-driving truck startup Uber acquired last year, stole its intellectual property.

Google's Self-Driving Car Company Has Been Quietly Building Its Own Hardware

The company says the sensors it has built are cheaper and more reliable.

DMV Threatens Legal Action After Uber Rolls Out Self-Driving Cars In SF

The same day Uber started testing autonomous cars in San Francisco, the California DMV asked the company to cease its program until it obtains a permit from the agency.

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