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Viktor Yanukovych

These 13 Wire Transfers Are A Focus Of The FBI Probe Into Paul Manafort

BuzzFeed News has learned of a series of wire transfers, made by companies linked to Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, that federal officials deemed suspicious. Many of the wires went from offshore companies controlled by Manafort to American businesses.

U.S. Bans Visas For 20 Top Ukrainian Officials In Wake Of Violence

"Today we moved to restrict visas, to ban visa issuance to some 20 senior members of the Ukrainian government and other individuals who we consider responsible for ordering or otherwise directing human rights abuses related to political repression in Ukraine," a Senior State Department official said Wednesday.

Staredown At The Barricades In Kiev

Thousands of riot troops closed in Monday as the standoff continues. "If they storm it, we'll defend it."

Russian TV Scrambles To Play Down Ukraine Protests

Sunday's anti-government protest, which attracted several hundred thousand people, may be the largest in Kiev yet, but Russian reporters are withholding the truth. One man even interrupted a reporter to hand him an Oscar "for his coverage."

Hated At Home, Saakashvili Meets Rapturous Reception In Kiev

Georgia's former president is far more popular in Ukraine than he is at home. Saakashvili has not returned to Georgia, where he faces the threat of prosecution, since leaving office last month.

Russian TV Goes Crazy Over Ukraine Protests

What's "the only difference" between the EU summit in Vilnius last week and the Munich accords of 1938 which appeased Nazi Germany? "Today's goal is to deprive Russia of its allies, and tear Ukraine away."

Ukraine Government Survives No Confidence Vote

Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov is safe for now, but he and President Viktor Yanukovych are struggling to run the country in the face of a street protest movement and a deepening economic crisis.

Pro-Europe Crowds in Ukraine Denounce Russia Deal

Upwards of 100,000 people thronged the streets of Kiev, Ukraine's capital, to protest the government's decision to abandon an agreement with the EU in favor of better ties with the Kremlin. The protests are the largest in the former Soviet state since the Orange Revolution nine years ago.

The EU Just Lost Ukraine To Russia

After a months-long tug-of-war over whether the former Soviet nation would turn towards Europe or fall back under the Kremlin's influence, Ukraine's government backed away from Brussels towards Moscow. The decision could mean a huge victory for Vladimir Putin.

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