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Video Game Art

Video Game Inspired Movie Posters

Toronto-based freelance graphic designer Ron Guyatt created this series of amazing video game inspired artwork with the look and feel of movie posters.

Video Games Skateboard Deck

Sam Bosma is one of my favorite artists right now and this piece is a good indicator as to why. See the whole thing a lot bigger here.


Beneath Our Feet Lies Awesomeness

Geologists had it all wrong! Artist Eric Poulton takes an extensive look at what may definitely lies beneath the streets.

Gallery 1988 Multiplayer Video Game Art Show

Gallery 1988 has recently been promoting their Multiplayer art show, featuring posters inspired by classic video games. Amazing pictures have been leaking for a few weeks now, and with the exhibition now underway, it seemed like a good time to rub ye olde nostalgia gland and spotlight some of the best ones.

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