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This Is What It’s Like When Your Job Gives You PTSD

Researchers in the UK are trying to work out which emergency workers are most at risk from PTSD before they even develop it.

11 Longreads You Need In Your Life Right Now

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

This Is The Real Story Of Windsor Council's Handling Of Homeless People

The leader of the Conservative-run authority said rough sleepers should be cleared from the streets ahead of the royal wedding, but BuzzFeed News has uncovered serious questions about the borough's homelessness provision.

Women Are Being Left To "Bleed Out" When They Have Their Periods In Police Cells, A Watchdog Says

Exclusive: Campaigners are calling on the Home Office to introduce minimum standards of sanitary provision for women in police custody, after shocking reports from unannounced visits.

This Is How Backbenchers Are Taking Back Control In Parliament

The lack of a government majority has highlighted a power shift towards the opposition and back benches that has been growing for decades. BuzzFeed News investigates.

Munroe Bergdorf: If I Can Get Through 2017, I Can Do Anything

The model and activist tells BuzzFeed News: “When you’ve got literally the whole media of the world painting you as this renegade woman, you do start in your private moments thinking, Well, am I?"

Inside The Controversial Therapy For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome That Some Patients Call A “Cult”

A recent scientific trial has led to acrimonious debates over chronic fatigue syndrome, aka ME, and boosted interest in a secretive therapy that some call a “cult” and others call a “miracle”. BuzzFeed News investigates.

Naomi Alderman: I Think After This Fucking Year, A Lot Of Women Really Wish "The Power" Was Real

Although she first started work on the book half a decade ago, the themes of The Power resonate today more than ever.

27 Of The Best Personal Interviews Of 2017

Stories of people who made an impact on BuzzFeed UK this year.

Losing His Brother In The Manchester Attack Made This Man Take A Stand Against Extremism

Dan Hett, brother of Martyn Hett, one of the 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena attack in May, has accidentally become a spokesman against extremism in a culture war surrounding immigration and terrorism.

A Homeless Man Was Fined £105 For Begging After A Child Dropped £2 Into His Sleeping Bag

BuzzFeed News analysis reveals the extent of towns and cities across England and Wales introducing their own laws targeting homeless people by banning begging.

Meet The People You Probably Didn't Realise Will Be Working On Christmas Day

From forensic nurses and zookeepers to funeral directors and football groundspeople, there will be people from all walks of life clocking in over the festive period.

This Man Had His Leg Broken In Four Places Because He Is Gay

Chris Ver-Haest suffered a brutal attack in London in July. As the trial of his attacker concludes, Ver-Haest tells BuzzFeed News how this hate crime has devastated his life.

This Is What Happens When A Mosque Becomes A Homeless Shelter

BuzzFeed News joined volunteers at the mosque at the centre of Grenfell Tower relief efforts, which has now opened its doors to the capital’s homeless.

This Is How The EU Will Play The Next Phase Of Brexit Talks

“The negotiations are in London, not in Brussels.”

This Man Had To Face Drugs Charges With No Lawyer Because He Couldn’t Afford One

An exclusive survey of magistrates for BuzzFeed News shows 30% of all criminal defendants they saw at their last session had no lawyer, up from 24% in 2014.

This Woman’s Family Want You To Know Her “Psycho” Killer Was Actually A Victim Too

With local mental health funding set to be slashed, Sandra Bainbridge’s brutal killing is still sending ripples through a system that her family say desperately needs to change.

A Domestic Abuse Survivor Says Women Will Die If Changes To The Way Refuges Are Funded Go Ahead

Research from domestic abuse charity Women's Aid found that more than half of refuges in England would be forced to close their doors or scale back their services if the government’s proposed changes to supported housing funding go ahead.

This Young Man Wants You To Know What It's Like Being Intersex

When Anick was a baby, doctors knew his body wasn't like other boys'. He tells BuzzFeed News how he has spent his life battling shame, secrecy, and endless surgeries, but is determined to give others hope.

7 Longreads You Won't Want To Miss

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

This Is How 700 Students In The Caribbean Ended Up Studying In The North Of England

After deadly Hurricane Irma struck, an entire university was relocated 4,000 miles away from the Caribbean – to Preston, northern England.

How A Misleading Story About Animal Sentience Became The Most Viral Politics Article Of 2017 And Left Downing Street Scrambling

After fox hunting and the ivory trade hurt the Tories at the election, a misleading but hugely viral story about animal sentience has shown the power animal welfare issues on social media have to catch the government off guard.

Twitter Has Suspended Another 45 Suspected Propaganda Accounts After They Were Flagged By BuzzFeed News

The social media giant is facing serious questions over its efforts to deal with fake propaganda accounts after BuzzFeed News uncovered a network directly connected to the Russia-linked accounts Twitter submitted to Congress.

One Of The Biggest Alternative Media Networks In Italy Is Spreading Anti-Immigrant News And Misinformation On Facebook

The network sheds light on the overlap between the fringe underbelly of the Catholic world, Italy’s nationalist movements, and for-profit clickbait.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Wear Cultural Dress

I didn’t want the spectacle of feeling different, but then the brown women in my family gave me a reason to rethink my relationship with with my clothes.

This Is Why Kids Who Aren’t White And Middle-Class Don’t Get Into Oxbridge, According To Teachers

"Honestly, I don’t think state school teachers always have the time and resources to support students who should be applying,” one teacher said.

Just A Bunch Of Stories Your Teenage Self Would Relate To Hard

Read these if you've ever been anxious on school photo day, worried if you can pull off bold lipstick, or used sexy fanfiction as a guide to life.

This Is What It's Like When Your Only Child Dies In Police Custody

James Herbert died after being restrained by officers and left naked in a cell. As a bill calls for changes when force is used with people with mental illness, his father said: "We're not going to get accountability, so let's focus on making the world better for people who are vulnerable."

Inside The Curious World Of “Freemen” Who Say They're Beyond The Law

A growing group of people are turning up to court and arguing that they aren’t bound by any laws made by parliament – but the state disagrees.

17 Stories That Will Make You Feel Smarter

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

This Is What Happened When A Quaker And A Methodist Minister Tried To Smash Up Some Fighter Jets

Have you heard the one about the Methodist minister and the Quaker who broke into a secure military base to attack state-of-the-art military fighter jets and stop them being sold to Saudi Arabia?

A Half-Century Later, British Women Are Still Fighting For Full Abortion Rights

Legislation that allowed doctors to legally perform abortions in Britain is 50 years old. But the women who campaigned for it say the fight for reproductive rights is far from over.

This Is What People Living With Sickle Cell Want You To Know About Their Invisible Condition

“Day to day is constantly painful – I get chronic pains. Some days it’s light but it’s always there.”

9 Stories That Will Remind You To Be Kind To Yourself

Read these if you've ever worried about money, fell out with a friend, or yelled at your therapist.

This Man Had To Defend Himself Without A Lawyer Via Videolink With Terrible Audio. He Lost.

A court transcript shows Folarin Oyebola was inaudible 71 times in his hearing, as new research suggests people representing themselves via videolink are disadvantaged in court.

Here Are Some Black Men You Should Really Know About

We spoke to four black British men, from musician MNEK to Olympian Lutalo Muhammad, about finding success in a world of hard knocks.

Here's Why Children In The North Are So Much More Likely To Be Taken Into Care

Experts say the figures are the result of underlying inequalities, with deprivation and drug and alcohol dependency higher in the north of England.

This Judge Says He Cries When He Has To Take Children Away From Their Parents

Stephen Wildblood, a senior family law judge, spoke to BuzzFeed News about helping the growing number of people facing court without a lawyer.

This Uni Was Called Out For A "Vile" Culture Of Sexual Violence. A Year Later, Students Tell Us What's Changed.

BuzzFeed News visited Durham University a year after it was revealed to have some of the highest reports of sexual assaults in the UK. As a new intake of students arrive, the picture is more complex than it first appears.

Universities Are Grappling With A Surge Of Students Asking For Mental Health Support

Higher tuition fees and a growing awareness of their rights means students want more from their universities when it comes to mental health – and some are even taking them to court.

This Is What It's Like To Be The Only Conservative On Campus

"I remember when I first came here and I said, 'I’m in Tory Soc,' and someone laughed, 'Oh there’s a Conservative society here – surely there can’t be.' We have to make sure it’s not a joke. This is a serious society."

We Know Almost Nothing About How “Study Drugs” Are Used By Students

Despite the headlines warning of an “explosion” in students taking drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, their prevalence – and their risks – remains a scientific black spot.

17 Longreads You Really Must Check Out

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

There’s A Record Number Of Muslim Student Leaders And Here’s Why

The number of Muslim sabbatical officers at UK universities has increased fivefold in two years. Leaders say a hostile media and increased scrutiny mean their roles have never been more difficult – or more vital.

These University Students Around The Country Showed Us Their Accommodation

“The price is completely unbelievable. In Cornwall you can easily get a bungalow or a semi-detached house for the same amount,” said a student who is paying £800 a month in London.

A Record Number Of People Are Representing Themselves In Court – This Is What It's Like

Exclusive: The number of people seeking support in court because they have no lawyer is up 520% since 2011. BuzzFeed News spent three days in Birmingham's courts to find out how these people cope.

This Is What It's Like To Be Given Electric Shocks To "Cure" You Of Being Gay

While studying for his A-levels, Jeremy Gavins was sent to NHS psychiatrists to "cure" his homosexuality. Here he tells BuzzFeed News how the treatment, forced on him by doctors, teachers, and the Catholic church, destroyed his life.

These Young German Voters Explain Why Angela Merkel Is On Course For A Fourth Term As Chancellor

Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis has won the support of a new generation of voters who have made her the clear frontrunner to win again this Sunday after 12 years in power.

What "Skam" Taught Me About Being A Muslim Girl

Sana speaks with certainty. She swats away microaggressions. She goes to parties with her friends. She isn't good at peeling carrots. And best of all, she is portrayed as more than her religious identity.

How The MP Behind "Tory Glastonbury" Is Trying To Stop The Conservatives Losing To Jeremy Corbyn

George Freeman is on a mission to woo young voters from Labour. First he just needs to take control of his party.

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