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7 Longreads You Won't Want To Miss

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

This Is What It's Like When Your Only Child Dies In Police Custody

James Herbert died after being restrained by officers and left naked in a cell. As a bill calls for changes when force is used with people with mental illness, his father said: "We're not going to get accountability, so let's focus on making the world better for people who are vulnerable."

This Is What It's Like To Be The Only Conservative On Campus

"I remember when I first came here and I said, 'I’m in Tory Soc,' and someone laughed, 'Oh there’s a Conservative society here – surely there can’t be.' We have to make sure it’s not a joke. This is a serious society."

What "Skam" Taught Me About Being A Muslim Girl

Sana speaks with certainty. She swats away microaggressions. She goes to parties with her friends. She isn't good at peeling carrots. And best of all, she is portrayed as more than her religious identity.

We Went Inside Scotland's Community Of Recovering Addicts

A community of Scots in recovery from substance abuse has grown rapidly over the past decade. At their first ever national conference, they told BuzzFeed News about their plans – inspired by the LGBT pride movement.

7 Moments Of Solidarity From Strangers

I think I only partially understood what it meant to stand out before I discovered the solidarity that could come with it.

This Is Why Men Meet For Sex In Public Toilets

“I was looking for some kind of acknowledgement of my existence.” Six men tell BuzzFeed News what leads them to seek sex in public toilets and how the police have cracked down on "cottaging".

6 Inventions Making British People's Lives Better In 2017

From a pair of "glasses" that can help some legally blind people see to the latest in prosthetic knee technology that's now available on the NHS – here are some of the products helping make people's lives better.

Seven Rules For Being Alone

Loneliness can be combated using this one weird trick: Hang clean laundry up.

Here's What It's Like To Meet Your Online Friends IRL

Online I created a persona based on the person I wanted to be. It was a better version of me; it didn’t have all the ugly bits. But I’ve since learned it’s the ugly bits that make us interesting.

Can The Harry Potter Fandom Survive New Canon?

In finding alternative pasts, presents, and futures for the magical characters that defined a decade, we've been able to heal wounds that new canon might open back up again.

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