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The Best Of Kanye Wes Anderson

Mr. Wes meets Mr. West in this blog that matches up screencaps of Wes Anderson movies with Kanye West lyrics. Look at all the Futura!

Matching Movie Frames With Their Real-Life Locations

Cinephile Christopher Moloney has created a fun new blog, FILMography, where he takes frames from movies and matches them up with their real-life locations. He snaps a photo of the frame and matches it up and voila! Instant recreation.

Britain Reacts In Defense Of Kate Middleton

Were the British going to just stand by and let the French media humiliate their future Queen? Oh no. Their response? Well, they got their nipples out in a show of solidarity of course.

Announcing: Tumblr's Reblorg!

REBLORG is Tumblr’s hub for original creative work. Video, animation, GIFs, glitches, music, paintings, challenge posts, contests, games, tech toys, collage, haiku, limericks, and kabuki coding are all welcome here, among other art forms.


Not Now, Skeletor!

Check out this new tumblr featuring Skeletor hanging out with or being in the way of other cartoon characters. Apparently Skeletor is the guy who just hangs around with whoever. You know the kind. The guy that nobody talks to, but just comes out anyways. It is kind of sad really. (Via The Uniblog)

Fan Secrets

Imagine Post Secret with a creepy fan fiction spin.

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