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Trump Rallies

Should Trump Protect Manufacturing Jobs From Automation? We Asked His Supporters

“It’s more important to keep jobs in the US than to protect them from automation.”

Thousands Protest Outside Trump Tower After Election Stunner

"Donald Trump is full of shit, he can't be the president," the protesters chanted.

Young Trump Supporters Predict What Their Lives Will Be Like Under Each Candidate

Kids still too young to vote expressed concerns about the state of the US economy as voters across the nation prepared to go to the polls Tuesday.

Trump Supporters Are Utterly Unfazed By The FBI, Again, Saying It Won't Charge Clinton

With one day to go before the election, news that the FBI again decided to not charge Clinton over her emails didn't seem to discourage Trump's supporters. In fact, it was greeted as even more evidence of a rigged system.

Supporters Dismiss Report That Melania Trump Worked Illegally As A "Distraction"

After The Associated Press reported that Melania Trump worked illegally in the country when she first moved here, many Trump supporters in North Carolina said the story was a distraction from real issues — like illegal immigration.

Win Or Lose, Trump Supporters Say Things Won't Ever Be The Same Again

“When Trump came on the scene, it was a big awakening for me.”

"I'm Confident He’s Gonna Win": Trump Supporters Reject Plan To Monitor Polls

Despite the candidate's calls for supporters to help prevent alleged election fraud in Philadelphia, attendees at a rally Friday had little interest in participating.

Supporters Trust That A Trump Presidency Will Fix Just About Everything

“I think he’s going to change everything that he says he will”

Donald Trump Flips A New York Democrat In North Carolina

It's Tarheels and hasid all the way down.

These Vendors Made A Killing Selling Trump Swag

Meet the vendors selling unauthorized swag to the Trump faithful.

Here's Why Two Women Were Thrown Out A Trump Rally

Two women were thrown out of a rally Monday amid cries of “paid protester!” — one for yelling “Trump’s a rapist!”, the other for coming to that woman’s aid.

Supporters To Donald Trump: Don’t Mess Up This Opportunity

"Keep toeing the line that Hillary’s a criminal," one supporter urged.

Trump Supporters Unsure If New Clinton Email Controversy Will Help Him Win

The Republican candidate's supporters at two rallies Saturday said the FBI's latest investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails confirmed their suspicions about her — but may not actually sway the election.

As Trump Struggles In Polls, Supporters Pray For His Victory

“I think the Lord’s watching over us,” one supporter told BuzzFeed News. “That's why we're going to win.”

Many Trump Supporters Want Trump TV — But Don’t Want To Pay For It

Even though they’ve become increasingly hostile toward the press, Trump’s diehards have mixed feelings about a potential future news network.

Many Trump Supporters Say They Won't Monitor Polls Or Take Action If He Loses

The pitchforks and torches are staying in the shed.

The 2016 Election Really Is Just A Freak Show

“Step right up! Enter the Hillary House of Horrors, you dirty 1 percenters!”

Melania Remains A Mystery — For Better Or Worse, Say Trump Supporters

A day after Melania Trump's first interview since the release of a video that captured her husband bragging about making unwanted sexual advances toward women, Donald Trump supporters defended her description of her husband as a "boy" being "egged on” by others.

Trump Says He And Clinton Should Take A Drug Test Before The Next Debate

"I don't know what's going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate she was all pumped up."

Trump Supporters Believe His Claims Of A Conspiracy Against Him

Trump, they say, “finally put it all together.”

Trump Supporters Say There’s Nothing He Could Do Or Say To Change Their Minds

“I just hate Hillary” was the common refrain at a Florida rally, one day after several women came forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them.

At Rallies In Florida, Women Think Trump’s Past Is Past

BuzzFeed News's Dino Grandoni reported from Ocala and Ariane Lange reported from Lakeland in Florida.

Trump Supporters Unfazed By GOP Civil War At Low-Key Florida Rally

“I think they’re gonna be sorry,” one of the candidate’s supporters warned about what will happen if Paul Ryan and the party establishment don’t get back behind Trump.

"He’s A Human Man": Trump Supporters Defend Candidate's Lewd Comments

Supporters of Donald Trump in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania brushed off the shocking comments the candidate made about women in a newly surfaced video.

Donald Trump Suggests More Damning Videos Could Be Released

At a rally Monday, Trump promised to continue attacking the Clintons if additional videos surface showing him making inappropriate comments about women.

Ava DuVernay Links Civil Rights Footage To Trump Rallies In Her New Documentary

"I think it is vital to have him in there because he is taking this country to a place that is ... going to have repercussions past this moment, regardless of whether he's the president or not."

Trump's Supporters Say He Should Be More "Pence-y" In Next Debate

"I want him to be Pence-y," a supporter of the Republican candidate said Wednesday in Reno. "He shoots from the hip too much. He's not a politician."

Trump's Veteran Supporters Are Sticking With Him Despite His PTSD Remarks

On Monday, Trump told a group of veterans that some people "can’t handle" the experience of coming back from war. The comments prompted a backlash among the candidate's critics, but many of his supporters remained loyal Tuesday.

Trump Says "Race Riots" Are Happening "On A Monthly Basis"

The Republican candidate pointed to Charlotte, Ferguson, and Baltimore as evidence that "we are a divided nation."

Voters Aren't Convinced Trump's Mic Issues Caused His Debate Loss

Donald Trump said he won Monday night's debate against Hillary Clinton. But some who attended his Pennsylvania rally didn't quite agree.

A Pastor Was Forced To Remove His "Black Lives Matter" Shirt At A Trump Rally

He said the event's security team told him that "because it was a private event, first amendment rights were out the window."

Trump Supporters Don't See Much Wrong With His Miss Universe Comments

"I don’t know, maybe she should’ve been a housekeeper."

Trump Fans Say Bill Clinton’s Affairs Are Fair Game At The Next Debate

At a rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday, many Trump supporters said the Republican should bring up past indiscretions of Hillary Clinton’s husband.

Trump Claims Google Suppressed Bad News About Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump's claim that Google was biased is just his latest accusation that the election is being "rigged" against him.

Trump's Supporters Have Mixed Feelings About His Debate Performance

At Trump's packed rally in Melbourne, Florida, supporters had a range of opinions about how well he did against Clinton.

We Followed Two Women At A Donald Trump Rally And This Is What It Was Like

Two women who consider themselves independent voters attended their first Donald Trump rally Wednesday in Ohio. Here's how it went.

Trump Cites Bombings In Renewing Calls For Tougher Immigration Controls

“We want to make sure we’re only admitting people into our country who love our country, we want them to love our country, and we want them to love our people.”

Trump Says Clinton's Security Detail Should Disarm: "Let's See What Happens To Her"

"Take their guns away, she doesn't want guns. Take their— and let's see what happens to her."

Trump Supporters Say Both Candidates Should Release Their Medical Records

At a rally in Iowa, supporters of the Republican presidential candidate said they believe there's more to Clinton's health than is publicly known.

Trump Supporters Fire Back At Clinton Over "Basket Of Deplorables" Label

At a campaign rally Monday in North Carolina, Clinton's phrase became a rallying cry among many of Trump's supporters.

Trump Bats Away Pro-Russian Criticism, But Some Supporters Like Putin Better Than Obama

"Vladimir Putin reigns with an iron fist. You've got to like that to some certain extent."

Trump Diehards Sense A New Man — And New Momentum

“He just needs to keep his foot out of his mouth," one supporter said.

Donald Trump Supporters See No Signs Of Any Immigration Plan "Softening"

"He reaffirmed it all for me and I really think after all this that the lord is going to do something for Donald," one supporter told BuzzFeed News.

Here’s What Donald Trump’s Supporters Want Him To Say To Mexico's President

"Get your checkbook out," one supporter suggested Trump tell Pena Nieto.

Here's How Some Donald Trump Supporters Define "America First"

BuzzFeed News asked the candidate's supporters about the controversial slogan at a rally in New Hampshire on Thursday.

You Can Beat The Establishment, Nigel Farage Tells Donald Trump Rally

Farage drew parallels between British citizens' vote to leave the European Union and some American citizens' support for Donald Trump.

Trump Supporters React To Plans To More Directly Address Black, Latino Voters

Donald Trump's efforts to appeal to black and Latino voters continued at a rally in Tampa on Wednesday as he made a pitch on jobs.

Trump's Supporters Say His Shift In Immigration Tone "Makes Sense"

"It makes perfect sense; if he weren't evolving I'd be worried," a supporter of the candidate told BuzzFeed News. "He's still talking about all the right stuff."

Black Voters Respond After Trump Asks, "What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?"

The candidate asked African-American voters to give him a shot at the presidency. BuzzFeed News spoke with several black voters who attended his Michigan rally.

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