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So Guess What This Guy Was Doing When He Was Pulled Over

If you saw the previous installment of Police Report Theater, then you can hazard a guess. This man was arrested for drunk driving after plowing through the tape of a crime scene in Portland, Oregon. We'll let the reporter from Fox 12 fill you in on what police found in his car. He was, uh, "driving a manual." Seriously though...twice in one week?

Paris Hilton 'Can't Stand Black Guys'

In a passage that wasn't published in his new book, author and journalist Neil Strauss recounts a run-in he had with Paris Hilton in which she admitted she "can't stand black guys." The whole exchange is pretty jaw-dropping. And if you didn't pick it up from the "Saving Private Ryan" hint, they're talking about Vin Diesel.

The Situation's Banned Jokes, Presented By The Leprechaun

The Situation's comedy routine at the roast of Donald Trump was instantly hailed the worst thing ever, but it somehow just got worse. Comedy Central deemed a joke aimed at Snoop Dogg as too racist and cut it from the broadcast. Here is that joke, plus a few more offensive cracks at the expense of Marlee Matlin and Larry King that were omitted, as told by the The Leprechaun from "Leprechaun." Y'know, because it's St. Patrick's Day. Shut up.


The Best of Femen (NSFW)

A feminist political activism organization in the Ukraine, Femen stages street protests against everything from sex tourism to Silvio Berlusconi. These protests are almost always topless. Solidarity. Get these ladies to Wisconsin!

Fred Phelps Fan Art

The Supreme Court ruled that the anti-gay demonstrations of the Westboro Baptist Church, including picketing military funerals, were protected by the First Amendment. Here are some other folks exercising their First Amendment rights by paying homage to Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps. These are the handful circulating around the internet that aren't X-rated.


Snooki In Wonderland

A new book by Phil Edwards and John Tenniel that totally improves upon Lewis Carroll's classic by inserting the cast from Jersey Shore. Through the Snooking Glass.

The Fox News Guide To Sexting

A probing expose of sexting by Fox News, complete with this convenient translation key for concerned parents. Fox News is an appropriate outlet for this. Bill O'Reilly pioneered inappropriate behavior over the phone. NALOPKT.


Apologist Bieber

Another Tumblr dedicated to an advice macro, this time focusing on Justin Bieber's recent interview with Rolling Stone. The passage inspiring this meme: “I really don’t believe in abortion,” Bieber says. “It’s like killing a baby?” How about in cases of rape? “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason."

No Pants Subway Ride In Taiwan

The No Pants Subway Ride has gone global, as evidenced by this recent bottomless outing in Taipei, Taiwan. The United States supports Taiwanese independence...from their pants.

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