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The Trump Administration Will Allow Health Workers To Refuse Abortion And Sex Reassignment Services

The rule will protect discrimination based on “conscience” or “religious beliefs,” but opponents argue it will greatly limit access to care.

The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Employers Can Discriminate Against LGBT Employees

The court will look at whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prevents discrimination “on the basis of sex,” applies to LGBT individuals.

Gender Dysphoria Isn’t A “Social Contagion,” According To A New Study

A Brown researcher slams the 2018 study — from a different researcher at Brown — which found teenagers were identifying as trans due to “rapid-onset gender dysphoria.”

More Than A Makeover — How "Queer Eye" Unified My Family

"You’re strong. You’re a Kelly Clarkson song. You got this." — Jonathan Van Ness

A Man Was Offered $200 To Beat A Transgender Woman As A Crowd Cheered On, Police Say

The attack is being reviewed to determine whether it meets the criteria for a hate crime, police said.

Police Are Investigating After A Transgender Woman In Texas Was Brutally Beaten In Full Daylight

Muhlaysia Booker’s attack is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Trump Got What He Wanted — Transgender Soldiers Are Now Banned From The Military

“We are pleased,” the Pentagon told BuzzFeed News.

Das Transsexuellengesetz ist so schlecht, dass trans Personen jetzt ein Gesetz nutzen, das gar nicht für sie gedacht war

„Es ist eine total absurde Situation entstanden, eine rechtliche Grauzone“, sagt die Politikerin Tessa Ganserer.

A Transgender Student Said He's Being Forced To Run For Prom Queen Even Though He Was Nominated As Prom King

Dex Frier told BuzzFeed News he felt "suppressed" by his school's insistence that he had to run on the prom queen ballot — or not at all.

The Trump Administration Is Banning Most Transgender Troops From Serving In The Military. Here Are The Rules.

A directive issued Tuesday gives transgender troops and recruits until April 12 to enlist in their preferred gender or receive a diagnosis of "gender dysphoria."

Trump Plans To Implement His Transgender Military Ban

The president’s anti-transgender policy has been on hold amid several court challenges, which will continue.

After An Anti-Trans Backlash, The Lottery Fund Will Give A Grant To A Charity For Trans Kids

Mermaids UK will receive £500,000 funding, following a review of the decision sparked by anti-trans campaigners.

This Mom Had A Gender Reveal Photo Shoot For Her Trans Son And It's Heartwarming As Heck

"This photoshoot has empowered me to feel more comfortable in my own skin."

A Transgender Woman Was Assaulted In A North Carolina Women’s Bathroom

Two women allegedly exposed themselves and groped and verbally abused the victim at a bar in December.

A Court Just Ruled Trump's Transgender Military Ban Should Take Effect, But It Won’t Change Anything Yet

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit contends it's not a ban because transgender people can serve as their birth sex — that is, they can pretend they're not transgender.

Some Trans Critics Don't Think This Film About A Trans Teen Deserves A Golden Globe

Some critics are objecting to the Belgian film Girl's portrayal of a transgender teenager.

A Teacher Was Fired For Refusing To Use A Transgender Student’s Preferred Pronoun

“I’m happy to use the new name, I’m happy to avoid the pronouns that offend. I am not happy to use male pronouns for a female,” the teacher said.

These Senators Are Demanding That ICE Release The Details On The Death Of A Transgender Detainee

"ICE’s failure to release this report diminishes the systemic, traumatic, and in this case fatal, violence that transgender individuals experience daily."

Transgender Americans Just Won A Historic Victory In Massachusetts

Voters upheld a transgender rights law by a landslide, despite a smear campaign from conservatives about "men in women's bathrooms."

1,600 Scientists Just Signed A Letter Opposing A Legal Definition Of A Gender Binary

The open letter says that any attempt to define gender based on a person’s anatomy at birth or their genes is not grounded in science.

Transgender Teens Could Destroy The Bathroom Predator Myth Once And For All

A trans-led campaign underway right now in Massachusetts shows how the LGBT movement can finally get out of its rut.

Trans And Gender-Nonconforming People Rally With #WontBeErased In Response To Trump Admin Memo

Protests and backlash followed reports of an unreleased memo from the Trump administration's Health and Human Services Department, which proposes defining gender "as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth."

The First Openly Transgender Nominee For Governor Says Democrats “Should Use Identity Politics”

“With what’s happening today, we all have to fight harder for what’s right and what is just — and you can call that identity politics, you can call it anything you want, but it’s the right thing to do," Christine Hallquist told BuzzFeed News' Profile.

23 Trans Personen erzählen, wie sie im Alltag angegriffen und beleidigt werden

„Er griff mir mit der Bemerkung 'Echte Titten, du Schlampe?' an die Brust.“



10代のトランスジェンダーが抱える生きづらさ 自殺を試みた経験を持っている人の率で顕著に


Here's How Pediatricians Can Help Transgender Kids, According To The American Academy Of Pediatrics

A new AAP policy contains guidelines around the language, treatment options, and care to be used with patients whose gender identity doesn't match the one they were assigned at birth.

Beleidigt, bespuckt, verprügelt – darum haben Lesben und Schwule noch immer Angst auf deutschen Straßen

Wenn du glaubst, mit der „Ehe für alle“ ist für LGBT*s alles in Ordnung, dann lies diesen Text.

Half Of Transgender Teen Boys Have Attempted Suicide, According To A New Study

Researchers compared suicidal behavior across different trans identities, and the results are alarming.

This Trans-Critical Organisation That Provides Material For Schools Has Withdrawn Its Stickers And Apologised

"We are sorry, we made a mistake," said Transgender Trend, after BuzzFeed News reported that it had produced downloadable stickers for parents.

A Leading Trans-Critical Group Said Schools Should Out Trans Pupils To Their Parents

After launching a new sticker campaign, Stephanie Davies-Arai from Transgender Trend told BuzzFeed News that schools have a duty to tell parents if their child is trans.

This Transgender Teen Challenged The Prime Minister About His "Gender Whisperers" Tweet

"We get one childhood, and mine was stolen from me by attitudes like this."

Es ist 2018 und diese LGBT*s berichten, wie viel Hass sie sich jeden Tag anhören müssen

Unter dem Hashtag #MeQueer teilen Menschen auf Twitter derzeit ihre Diskriminierungserfahrungen in Deutschland.

Singer Shea Diamond On Black Trans Artistry And Resilience

"We’re here, we’re definitely queer, and we’re making music. We’re making art. We’re talented as hell."

Christine Hallquist Makes History Becoming The First Openly Transgender Candidate For Governor

“I’m so proud to be the face of the Democrats tonight,” she told her supporters Tuesday.

Die Bundesregierung hat das neue Gesetz zur Dritten Option beschlossen aber niemand freut sich

„Dieser Gesetzentwurf ist ein Trauerspiel, ambitionslos und bevormundend.“

People Who Oppose Trans Rights Have No Place In Labour, Says The First LGBT Mayoral Adviser

The row over trans women in women-only shortlists needs to end, Carl Austin-Behan told BuzzFeed News — by Labour removing opponents of the policy.

Transgender Athletes Can Now Compete In The CrossFit Games

“CrossFit admitted they’re wrong and is making it right,” trans athlete Chloie Jönsson told BuzzFeed News.

CVS Fired A Pharmacist Who Refused To Fill A Transgender Woman’s Hormone Prescription

“He did not give me a clear reason for the refusal. He just kept asking, loudly and in front of other CVS staff and customers, why I was given the prescriptions.”

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