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小学生コンビ「ラブリースマイリーベイビー」の元ネタ? アイドルグループが漫才を完コピして話題に→「まさかの本家逆輸入最高です」


People Online Are Split Over This Woman's Decision To Live "Together-Apart" With Her Partner In A Duplex With Their Own Apartments, But The Perks Seem Pretty Sweet

"Since we were both previously divorced and we each have a child from our previous marriages, we knew we didn't want to live together in the traditional sense. However, two separate buildings and a bridge were out of our means, so we began talking about a duplex."



Montana Lawmakers Have Voted To Ban TikTok

If Gov. Greg Gianforte signs the legislation into law, Montana will become the first state to ban the Chinese-owned app amid concerns about data privacy and surveillance.

nadeen explaining that she put her boyfriend on probation and they still use a kanban board

"He Kinda Liked It" — This Woman Put Her Boyfriend "On Probation" With A List Of Things That Needed To Change, And Three Years Later, They're Still Going Strong

"The majority of the men hate it, and the majority of the women applaud my approach. Multiple marriage and couples therapists reached out and said this is great communication. Some men think that this would have saved their previous relationships."

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