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This Week

22 Things I Learned By Going Behind The Scenes Of BBC's "This Week"

The team behind the bonkers Thursday night politics show let us hang out around while they filmed an episode. Pour us a large glass of Blue Nun.

Marco Rubio's Sunday Show Blitz Doesn't Make The Nation's Front Pages

If a politician making "the first major policy gambit of his career" is aided by seven Sunday talk shows, will America's newspapers even care about it on Monday? The Sunday shows' swift decline in relevance.

Stephen Colbert Faces Off With George Stephanopoulos Over Possible Presidential Bid

This just keeps getting better. Three days after announcing the formation of a presidential exploratory committee following a transfer of control over his Super PAC to Jon Stewart--and mere hours after that same Super PAC released a Mitt Romney attack ad set to air this week in South Carolina--Stephen Colbert fielded questions about it all from George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning during an at-times contentious appearance on ABC's "This Week." And it was awesome.

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