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The Dress


Are You Alex Or PJ From "Reply All"?

The question everyone is dying to know about their own personality.

Where Did The Yanny/Laurel Recording Really Come From?

Did the viral recording actually come from a human voice, or was it all a marketing stunt? Here’s how an audio geek discovered the truth about the “Frankensound.”


Here's What Scientists Have To Say About That "Yanny" And "Laurel" Recording

Like the photo of ~The Dress~, the "Yanny" and "Laurel" recording is a low-quality piece of media and it's messing with your brain.

Forget The Dress, What Colors Are These Shoes?

Are they gray and teal or pink and white?



El color que veas en "El vestido" puede depender de cuándo te despiertes

Dos años después de que El vestido reventara Internet, los científicos están poniéndose de acuerdo en la explicación: El color del vestido que ves depende de suposiciones inconscientes que haces sobre la luz que brilla en él.

The Color You See “The Dress” Might Depend On When You Wake Up

Two years after The Dress broke the internet, scientists are converging on an explanation: The dress color you see depends on unconscious assumptions about the light shining on it.

Welche Farbe haben diese Flip Flops?

Och nee, nicht schon wieder.



What Colors Are These Flip-Flops?

Oh crap. Not again.


Are You Right Or Wrong?

There is no in-between.

The Most Revealing Stories You Can't Miss This Week

This week for BuzzFeed News, Charlie Warzel revisits the weirdest, most wonderful day on the internet. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

Un an après #LaRobe, cette veste a décidé de nous embrouiller

POURQUOI est-ce qu'on est encore en train de se prendre la tête???

What Color Is The Dress In 11-Down?

The most important question of 2015 is now a crossword puzzle.

2/26: How Two Llamas And A Dress Gave Us The Internet's Greatest Day

From two llamas escaping an Arizona retirement community to fashion's most notorious optical illusion, February 26, 2015, was the day that everyone — everyone — came together online to cheer, then argue. One year later, the people who accidentally created a phenomenon remember the internet's perfect storm and what it wrought.

14 Tattoos That Didn't Make Sense Before 2015

These people will remember 2015...fondly?

17 Things Humanity Ruined In 2015

Everything is completely fucked.


Could You Survive 2015 Again?

Who knows how it will be the second time around.


Which 2015 Meme Are You?

Fifteen minutes into Cheeky Nando's and chill and Drake gives you this look.

Are These Pills Grey Or Red And Blue?

What fresh hell is this? The Dress is happening all over again. #BlackAndBlue

"The Dress" Is Now Officially A Sexy Halloween Costume

It's the most 2015 costume you could wear -- well, other than Left Shark.

No One Can Agree What Colour Dress Nicola Sturgeon Was Wearing Last Night

Newspapers have printed front pages showing the dress the SNP leader wore during the TV debate in different colours. Help us decide: What colour is it?

What Celebrity Do You See In This Image?

Test how good your vision is with this odd optical illusion.

12 Things That Will Change The Way You See Color

Pimples look like "a multicolored Vesuvius" if you have extraordinary vision.

L'Armée du Salut a utilisé La Robe pour une campagne sur la violence domestique

La branche sud-africaine de l'organisation humanitaire a tweeté la pub ce vendredi matin. On y voit une mannequin couverte de bleus, qui porte la *fameuse* robe.


The Salvation Army Put A Model In "The Dress" For A Domestic Violence Advert

The South African branch of the charity tweeted the image on Friday morning, featuring a model with bruises wearing *that* dress.

Here's Why So Many Scenes In "House Of Cards" Have The Exact Same Colour Scheme

Igor Martinovic, the director of photography for House of Cards, told BuzzFeed News that the effect is a natural occurrence and is caused by the way the eye perceives shadows.

What Do You Call A Single Cracker From A Box Of Jatz?

A Jat or a Jatz? Let's settle this!

The Majority Of Facebook Users Saw The Dress As White And Gold

And if it’s on Facebook, it must be official.

Someone Wrote Gay Erotica About The Colour-Changing Dress

"4,400 words of sizzling human on gay dress action."


A Man Has Tattooed The Dress On His Leg Because “It's Stupid”

Daniel Howland thinks his new tattoo of The Dress is "awesome" and "dumb". (And it's definitely black and blue.)

The Color Of The Dress According To Science

We asked the top scientists in the world about this very important topic...

11 Haikus Clearly Written By Dogs

This is what dogs do when you're not home.

These Vines Perfectly Capture Everything You've Felt About The Dress

"Roses are red, dresses are blue, if you see gold, fuck you." Make sure to turn on the sound in the bottom right corner!

Cette histoire de robe peut nous en apprendre beaucoup sur l'autisme

Certains pensent que #LaRobe est bleue, d'autres sont persuadés qu'elle est dorée, et ce désaccord les rend complètement dingues. Mais voir, entendre et ressentir le monde différemment des autres est le quotidien de certaines personnes autistes.

"The Lion King" Eerily Predicted The Great Dress Debate

Timon and Pumbaa, more specifically.

El vestido que rompió Internet también destruyó relaciones

En este momento el mundo está dividido por los colores de un pedazo de tela.

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