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The Dark Knight Rises


Everything Wrong With "The Dark Knight Rises"

After ripping The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, CinemaSins goes after Batman by listing all the sins of The Dark Knight Rises in three minutes or less.


Can You Draw Batman With Your Eyes Closed?

Blind As A Batman is a website that challenges you to close your eyes and attempt to draw Batman Can you do it?

Listen To The Entire Soundtrack For "The Dark Knight Rises"

Empire released Hans Zimmer's score for the final installment of the Batman series. The soundtrack will be available for purchase on July 16 and the movie comes out July 20.

New Photos Of "The Dark Knight Rises"

Yes, please. From the EW Summer Movie Preview, here's a batch of new images from the Most Anticipated Movie Of All Time Ever If You Are Me (aka, "The Dark Knight Rises"). Batmans and Catwomans and Banes, oh my.

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