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Say Something Nice: Glenn Beck

Today is Do Something Nice Day. The internet is full of trolls and anons, so in honor of this special day, I challenge each of you to leave one (just one) nice comment about Glenn Beck in the comments below. Oh, and you have to mean it. Nicest comment gets a winner badge. [UPDATE: We have a winner! Gold stars to the ones that made me LOL.]

The 12 Best Headlines From The Blaze: Day 1

Glenn Beck has started his own website! It is an Algonquin Round Table of discussion and news tidbits. See for yourself!


The Blaze

Glenn Beck has launched a new website, called The Blaze, which he hopes will be a Conservative answer to The Huffington Post. As he explains in his manifesto for the site, "The image of flame is a powerful." So you know he's taking this thing pretty seriously.

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