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Opinion: It's My First July 4 As An American. I Hope More Refugees Are Welcomed Like I Was

Refugees like me know that we can never go home. It gives us a burning desire to establish ourselves here and prove that we belong.

The FBI Arrested An ISIS Supporter Who Was Allegedly Planning To Bomb A Church

Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, a Syrian refugee, reportedly planned to attack the church because he believed its members were Christian and Nigerian.

An Alabama “ISIS Bride” Wants To Come Home. Can We Forgive Her Horrifying Social Media Posts?

Hoda Muthana used Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and to spread the very messages ISIS used to inspire violence against America. I’ve been tracking her posts for years.

Inside The Shadow War Fought By Russian Mercenaries

The Wagner Group has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle but blurs the line between what is and isn’t happening on Moscow’s orders.

Russia Is Trying To Fly Military Planes Into Venezuela Via Syria Again

But Malta has denied Russia permission to use its airspace for the flights, BuzzFeed News has learned.

The Whole World Is Debating Whether “ISIS Brides” Should Go Home. But Yazidi Women Want Them Brought To Justice.

Far from being innocent bystanders, women who joined ISIS participated in the torture and humiliation of Yazidi women.

美容師を夢見ていた少女は「奴隷」として売られた 弁護士は夫を殺され兵士となった


How Trump's Withdrawal Threatens The Secretive Hunt For ISIS Members In Syria

The inability of US forces to eliminate al-Qaeda networks in Iraq helped it reorganize as ISIS after Barack Obama withdrew troops in 2011.

Four Americans Died In An Attack In Syria, Raising More Questions About Trump's Withdrawal Plan

The American dead included two soldiers, a US security contractor, and a civilian Defense Department employee, according to US Central Command.

The US Military Says The Withdrawal Of Troops From Syria Has Begun

It follows weeks of confusion and contradictory statements over the future of the US-led coalition fighting ISIS.

US Troops Will Leave Syria Only If Turkey Agrees Not To Attack Kurdish Fighters

National security adviser John Bolton contradicted President Trump, who said on Dec. 19 there would be a full withdrawal.

The Syria Pullout Won't Help Trump Curb Iran's Regional Influence

Trump was going to counter Iran's influence in two places, Yemen and Syria. That's now not likely to happen.

The US Envoy On ISIS, Brett McGurk, Has Quit In Protest Over Trump's Withdrawal From Syria

It's the second major resignation over the president's decision in as many days.

The Histories Of Today's Wars Are Being Written On Facebook And YouTube. But What Happens When They Get Taken Down?

Investigators depend on photos and videos posted online from war zones. But takedowns by Facebook and YouTube are putting the war crimes prosecutions of the future at risk.

He Was Stuck In An Airport For Nine Months. Now He’s Stuck In His Head.

Hassan al-Kontar wrote tweets that caught the world’s attention and spurred an international campaign to rescue him. But although he might now be free from the airport, he still feels trapped.

Trump’s Surprise Withdrawal From Syria Betrays Allies and Bolsters Rivals

BuzzFeed News reveals that the US is preparing to shut down a key base near Syria’s border with Jordan that some US officials have cast as part of efforts to counter Iran.

The UK Learned The US Was Withdrawing From Syria When Trump Tweeted About It

While the decision was not a total surprise, the UK received no advance warning of the announcement.

Trump's Decision To Withdraw Troops From Syria Has Allies There Wondering About Their Future

The decision was announced Wednesday with little preparation. Even in recent days, there had been no hints of a rapid end to the US presence there.

The US Is “Working On” Extraditing Fethullah Gulen, Turkish Foreign Minister Says

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu also talked down the odds of a confrontation between Turkish and US forces in northern Syria, despite a Pentagon warning.

A Man Who Was Stranded In An Airport Since March Has Been Granted Asylum In Canada

“The past is no longer with us,” Hassan al-Kontar said. “What is important is today, and tomorrow, the present and the future.”

なぜ紛争地の人々を取材するのか 安田さんの言葉を聞いたジャーナリストの想い


Al-Qaeda Is Thriving, Despite Our Endless War. Can We Ever Defeat It?

Al-Qaeda’s most potent weapon is an idea that we’ve been unable to defeat, writes Ali Soufan, the author of Anatomy of Terror: From the Death of bin Laden to the Rise of the Islamic State.

The Pentagon Used To Hide US Troops In Syria. Now It's Posting Videos Of Them On Twitter.

“That’s the dirty little secret here — there could be thousands of US troops camped out in northern and eastern Syria for decades,” said Nicholas Heras, a Syria expert at the Center for a New American Security.

The Sentence That Enabled Our Endless War Turns 17 Today

A single sentence, written as the ruins of the World Trade Center still smoldered, has been the legal foundation for 17 years of war.

The British Government Fears Thousands Could Die In A Russian-Backed Attack In Syria

People in the northwest Syrian city of Idlib are facing the threat of a military offensive by the Assad regime.

The State Department Changed Its Mind About Spending $230 Million On Syria

The funds were redirected after the State Department received promises and pledges from coalition partners, notably Saudi Arabia, for funding to help stabilize the country.

Congress May Hold Russia Responsible For Iran’s Actions In Syria

A bipartisan proposal would ask the Trump administration to determine if Russia has aided Iran and Hezbollah in Syria.





New Emails Show What Happens When The Pentagon Has To Scramble To Catch Up To Trump

“The White House gets to do whatever it wants when it wants how it wants.”

Jordanians Are Calling For Their Government To #OpenTheBorders To Thousands Of Displaced Refugees

The hashtag, #افتحوا_الحدود, or #OpenTheDoor, began trending in Jordan as tens of thousands of Syrians fled the latest violence there.

メディアの写真はたいてい既視感を与えるものばかり だから彼は新しい土地で懸命に生きる人の痛みや望みを写真に収めた


Syrians Who Return Home Are Finding A Ready Market For Selling Their German IDs

The availability of the documents, which can fetch hundreds of dollars on the black market, troubles some counterterrorism officials, but they are hesitant to make it an issue.

The US Military Plans To Set An American Suspected Of Fighting For ISIS Free In Syria

A court filing from the Justice Department said the dual Saudi-American citizen would be released in a town or outside a displaced persons camp.

8 Heartbreaking Stories From The Lives Of Syrian Refugees

"I felt better when I pricked myself with needles; the pain confirmed that I was alive."

First She Escaped Syria, Now She's Searching For Medical Care In The US

The move from Syria to Texas was sure to be difficult, but Maryam had no idea how tough it would be.



Here's Why Israel And Iran Could Be Set For A "Very Long And Bloody" Summer

How the new frontier in the Israeli-Iranian conflict could escalate into full-blown regional war.

It's Likely That Chlorine Gas Was Used On A Rebel-Held Syrian Town, The Global Chemical Weapons Watchdog Says

But the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons did not say who was responsible for the attack.

This Is What It's Like When Your Home Is A War Zone

"I woke up and the city was theirs." (An excerpt from Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian Civil War by Marwan Hisham and Molly Crabapple.)



Trump Is Freezing Syrian Recovery Funds. The Pentagon Worries That Invites "ISIS 2.0."

“The fight against ISIS does not depend solely on military fighting."

These 3 Companies Are Under Investigation For Selling A Chemical Weapons Ingredient To Syria

The announcement of the investigation came as UN weapons inspectors explained why they have not made it to the site of the most recent suspected chemical attack.

Trump Keeps Saying ISIS Has Been Defeated. But The US Military Says It's Gaining Ground.

Details of an ISIS resurgence come two weeks after the president said he wanted to bring US troops home from Syria — a pronouncement that set off alarms at the Pentagon.

A Bipartisan Group Of Senators Just Released A New Authorization For The War On Terror

For more than 16 years, the US has been waging the global war on terror using legal authority passed by Congress just after 9/11. Critics say that legislation is too broad and that administrations have used it to usurp Congress’s authority.

Weapons Inspectors Have Entered The Site Of A Suspected Chemical Attack In Syria, Russia Says

A team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have entered the site where a suspected chemical weapons attack killed more than 70 people and injured 500 in Syria this month, Russia's foreign ministry has said.

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