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We Tried Wearing Swimwear As Clothes

"This swimsuit is so cute, I'm ready to do it justice."

11 Aussie Swimwear Trends That Will Be EVERYWHERE Come Spring

We're seeing high-necked one pieces, leather-look sets and lots of body positivity.


27 Bathing Suits From Asos You'll Want To Wear Right Now

You'll want to wear 'em all summer long.


Can You Choose The Most Expensive Bikini?

Which price isn't so skimpy?

The Struggle Of Trying To Get Yourself "Summer-Ready"

*Googles "how to get a six-pack in a week"*


29 One-Piece Bathing Suits That Are So Much Better Than A Bikini

Life's a beach! Your bathing suit shouldn't be!

28 Bathing Suits You'll Want To Buy Even Though They'll Give You Weird Tanlines

I will gladly sacrifice an even tan for any of these beauties.

18 Of The Best Places To Buy Bathing Suits Online

She wore an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie yellow polka dot bikini...or any damn bathing suit she wanted.

30 Easy Ways To Get The Bikini Body Of Your Dreams

Drink so much water that crops fail and wither, drought plagues the land, and your neighbours all starve.

This Line Of Plus-Size Bikinis And More Is Too Damn Good

Zippers and panels and cacti, oh my.

Guys Try Vintage Swimsuits

"This is a man diaper."

25 Top-Rated Bathing Suits You Can Get On Amazon

From bikinis and one-pieces to men's trunks and kids' suits, here's the swimwear you'll want to spend the rest of the summer in.

16 Cut Out Swimsuits That Are Going To Give You Some Crazy AF Tanlines

Will no one think of the damn tan lines, people!?

17 Women Who Can Rock Cheeky Swimsuits

Literally any, and every, woman.

Kylie And Kendall Just Changed The Swimsuit Game

Sister ~summer~ vibes coming to a Topshop near you.

This Is What Bikini Shopping In Australia Is Like When You Have Big Boobs

Because living in a world that's obsessed with teeny-weeny bikinis isn't always easy.

13 Bollywood Moments That Changed The Face Of Swimwear In India

Breaking the myth that a woman’s pride lies in what she covers, Bollywood actresses have been using swimwear to celebrate their freedom and sexiness for decades.


A Teen Mom Turned Designer Makes Bikinis To Hide Pregnancy Scars

A.Lekay wants every woman to feel confident at the beach.

This Is What Women Wore To The Beach In The 1920s

A typical day at the beach nearly 100 years ago...

This Is What 100 Years Of The Bikini Looks Like

A bikini blast from the past.

What’s The Most Underrated Place To Shop For Bathing Suits Online?

Tell us the shops that totally changed your life.


ModCloth Employees Modeled Its Swimwear Collection To Promote Body Diversity

"We want women to see these photos and feel good."

This Designer Made Actually Chic Swimwear For Women With Mastectomies

Designer Melissa Odabash created a line with scars and sensitive skin in mind.

The Try Guys Try European Swimwear

These swimsuits are experiencing some serious shrinkage…

16 Swim Trunks For Guys With Big Dicks But Small Budgets

Wrangle that thing in this summer, and for under $30!

29 One Piece Swimsuits That Aren't For Your Mom

A good one piece can be just as flirty as a bikini.

29 Ways To Seriously Up Your Swimwear Game This Summer

Go beyond a bikini this time around and dress like a true queen.

37 Fun And Pretty Bathing Suits Under $60

Bikini Island, here I come!

17 Pinup Paintings And The Photos That Inspired Them Leads The Daily Links

Plus the 5-minute warmup that makes you run faster, the 10 Instagram Commandments, and how to blow-dry your hair like a pro.

Incredible '70s And '80s Swimwear Perfect For Spring Break

The stores have "vintage inspired," but Etsy has the real deal. Spring break for-evahhh!

6 Styles Of Swimwear To Suit Any Body Type

The best place to be during the dog days of summer (and early fall!) is near water. But stripping down to your skivvies can be scary, so check out this guide to finding a swimsuit that suits your body and why.

44 Mad Moments From Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week looks to be the MOST FUN fashion week ever. Anything goes, but in particular, the following are good ideas:

Kate Upton Models Bridal Bikinis, Because Bridal Bikinis Exist Now

Six photos of a new Beach Bunny swimwear collection, designed by fellow swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen. The bikinis come with veils, which is a bit ironic.

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