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The Chewbacca Burger

The French may get to taste the Vader Burger before Americans do, but, in the U.S., we got first dibs on this wookiefied treat. [ed. note: Love the laughing in the background.]


Lando Calrissian Hand-Painted On A Colt 45 Bottle

North Carolina's Sean Kernick whipped up this little ditty for an upcoming art show in Raleigh. Dude even included a rotating stand to display Bespin's baddest mamma jamma in all his malt liquor glory. Props.


Epic Star Wars T-Shirt

Webcomic artist Joel Watson (Hijinks Ensue) introduced this tee to New York Comic-Con goers because he knows "you've been hurt by the relentless alterations, the consummate tweaking, and the seemingly infinite versions of your beloved Original Trilogy." The inspiration for "George Hurt You" was based on this previous comic.


AT-AT Storms Downtown Chicago

Artist Tony Bamber depicts the assault of an Imperial Walker, barreling down State Street in the Windy City.


The Darth Vader Blu-Ray Parodies Continue

George Lucas's "Jedi" Blu-ray Nooooo! botchery may have given Star Wars fans across the globe a nasty case of the douche chills, but the endless amount of YouTube lolz more than make up for it. Thanks, Internet.

Old Timey Star Wars Portraits

Artist Nick Agin gives the vintage, "There Will Be Blood" treatment to 3PO, Yoda, and a few other intergalactic friends.

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