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Artist Constructs Alternate Realities Out Of Paper Scraps

Charles Wilkin turns found imagery from old books and magazines into surreal masterpieces. What can you do with an X-Acto and a glue stick?

24 Incredible Landscapes You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Artist JeeYoung Lee transformed the same room into multiple surreal worlds without any kind of digital retouching.

23 Surreal Animal Paintings

Chris Buzelli is really good at weaving animals into his work. Here are some of his great oil paintings. (via

Beautiful Anatomical "Self-Dissecting" Portrait Paintings

Artist Danny Quirk painted this astonishing series entitled "Self-Dissections: Revealing the Inner Self". The watercolor paintings are a mesh of traditional portraiture with a surreal approach, giving way to unique and somewhat unsettling imagery.

Psychedelic Art

Korean surrealist artist Jung Yeon Min’s paintings are visually stunning and mind-bendingly awesome. See many more at the here artist's gallery.

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