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For the time-pressed superfan.

I'll be theeere for Juuuuuuice!

YouTube user The Unusual Suspect has created another epic supercut of movie characters singing the lyrics to a popular '90s song.

One dedicated YouTuber edited enough quotes from movies to put together all the lyrics to "Uptown Funk." It's too hot. Hot damn.

Get onboard the nostalgia train!

Worst neighbor award.

Thank you for this, Aretha.

Borderline genius.

She has been talking a lot about hard choices lately.

There can't be that many... Wait, yes there can.

Posted on reddit, the video shows O'Neal either mocking other players or showing a really good method for free throw shooting. Either way, The Beatles' song makes it great.

The man's got some mad moves.

Watching this season of The Bachelor was painful. But being on the show was apparently even more difficult.

Here's 15 wonderful minutes of the best news bloopers of 2013. Enjoy.

The one and only.


The video is a little old, but oh man, is it spectacular.

The Oregon Zoo's elephant calf Lily turned one recently, and what a difference a year makes.


brb i can't

Rough day/month/five years for the president.

Including a heart-meltingly powerful true love story, the Russian police choir's delightfully weird cover of "Get Lucky", and a look at just how creepy it would be if you talked to people the way you talk to dogs.

Why isn't anyone worried whether it's a killer cat?

Work, damn you. Work!


A lot sure can happen in nine months.

On Thursday night, Bill Murray graced the 20th anniversary episode of The Late Show with Dave Letterman -- and to celebrate (or just because we felt like it) we rounded up the greatest Bill Murray moments of all time.


Don't tell MSNBC's Chris Matthews how to pronounce Dick Cheney, ever.

I'm Bruce Wayne! I'm Batman! I'm both Bruce Wayne AND Batman!

Cotton candy from the reel world.

There are supercuts and then there are supercuts.

Plus Fred Armisen on life after SNL, 7 more reasons to be excited about the royal baby, and a look inside the World Thumb Wrestling Championships.

Plus a liquid-nitrogen pool party gone predictably wrong, the greatest possible Wet Hot American Summer supercut, and the story of a graphic designer's incredibly heartwarming tattoo.


There's no more clutch situation than when a new car is on the line.

"Everyone has something they want removed from the Internet."

Plus a supercut of Vince Vaughn whining, China's first generation of stand-up comics, and the woman who says a hawk is stalking her chihuahua.

Just try not to dance along to this awesome supercut.

A treat for the feet.

If Anderson Cooper loves breaking news so much, why doesn't he marry it?

Ousted acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller had a pretty lousy day in front of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Plus a bizarrely funny supercut of Robert De Niro crying, a new use for Tetris, and the 10 most ridiculous anti-drug PSAs of the 80s and 90s.

Further evidence that Peter Dinklage is the best thing about Game Of Thrones.

The icon of modern British politics could always be counted on to give the chaps in the media scrum a good soundbite.

There are a few cable news folks out there who feel the need to mention Elizabeth Colbert Busch's brother before —and sometimes instead of— her name when talking about the Democratic candidate for South Carolina's 1st congressional district.

Wait, what? Did we just collectively block out memory of this?

Plus the oddly cute sound spaceships make when they dock, Game of Thrones house sigils for websites, and puppies just because.

Westeros is full of potty-mouths. NSFW language, obviously.

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