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Super Pac


FLASHBACK: Obama Scolds Supreme Court For Citizens United Decision

He told wealthy supporters not to back big money outside groups in 2008, but Obama is now signaling to his donors to back the independent expenditure groups. With Republican groups raking in millions, Obama wants in on some of the action made possible in part by a Supreme Court decision he's deplored.

How Much Money Each Candidate's Super PACs Spent On Their Behalf

BuzzFeed's own Amy Sly has put together this informative chart on 2011 Super Pac spending.

Stephen Colbert Releases Erotic Corn Commercial

He's getting all up in Rick Perry's niblets. Another ad from the Colbert Super PAC attempting to sabotage Rick Perry in the Ames Straw Poll. Remember, Iowa...that's Rick Parry with an "A."


Stephen Colbert Sabotages Rick Perry

Remember, that's Rick Parry with an "A." For America. From Stephen Colbert's Super PAC, whose sole purpose is to mock Super PACs, an ad that intentionally attempts to sew confusion about the spelling of Rick Perry's name. It will begin airing this week in Iowa, just in time for the Ames Republican Straw Poll, where voters write in the candidate's name. How thoughtful.

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