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Storm Chaser

9 Mesmerizing GIFs Of Dangerous Storms In Tornado Alley

Storm chaser Mike Hollingshead took these images of dangerous severe weather storms in Nebraska. Amazingly, Hollingshead created the GIFs from single photos (not time-lapses or videos) using Photoshop.

Family Pose For Portrait, Awesome Lightning Strike Takes It To The Next Level

Weather photographer Kelly DeLay got more than he bargained for when taking a family photo in front of a supercell storm in Guymon, Oklahoma.


Insane Video From Inside A Tornado

Storm chaser and meteorologist Reed Timmer intercepted a tornado Sunday northeast of Edmond, Oklahoma. Don't try this at home kids.

Richard Heene

Richard Heene is the father of balloon boy, aka Falcon Heene, whose harrowing accidental flight in a helium baloon is being broadcast to the nation right now.

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