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Stephen Fry


13 P.G. Wodehouse Quotes Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

Pelham Grenville Wodehouse is, many say, the greatest comic author ever. Subjective, sure, but it's undeniable that the guy wrote some delightful-ass sentences.


Stephen Fry Gets Serenaded at Harvard

Writer/Comedian Stephen Fry is serenaded by YouTube chanteuse Molly Lewis during a lifetime achievement award presentation from the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard.


5 Hilarious Bird Mating Dances

Unlike humans, birds cannot rely on the services of eHarmony, jDate, or even to help them find a mate. In the bird world, males must use their brightly colored feathers (or feet) and their sweet, sweet dance moves to woo the ladies. Here are some of the most creative and hilarious mating dances YouTube has to offer.

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