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12 Highly Compelling Reasons Armor Needs A Fashion Comeback

Because if street style is going to be fierce, it might as well be fierce. Designer Pink Absinthe creates truly stunning one-of-a-kind pieces.


24 Hours At Burning Man

You've heard much about the notoriously liberated festival, but what do you actually do there on a typical day?

23 Fantastical Steampunk LEGO Builds Designed From Scratch

Imagination doesn't need pre-fabricated sets! It's easy to see why some of these fan builds have won awards at the annual BrickCon.

What If The Transformers Were Dapper Steampunk Robots?

Autobots, stoke your engines and roll out! Utilizing Victorian technology, Brian Kesinger re-imagines how citizens of Cybertron would look.

Steampunk Motorcycles Make You Long For The Open Cobblestone Road

What's the proper Victorian term for badass? Please secure all top hats and monocles before gunning it.


U.S. President Or Steampunk?

With all these top hats, it can be really confusing.

20 DIY Pop Culture Themes For Your Baby's Nursery

It's never too early to raise the next generation of superfans. One day your kids will hate everything you like. Today is not that day.

The Awesomely Geeky Artwork Of Inshoo

Amongst other things, Korean artist Inshoo has rebooted classic heroines from childhood as steampunk Art Nouveau bad-asses.

This Woman Has Single-Handedly Redeemed Fanny Packs

DeviantArtist Wood-Splitter-Lee has done something magical here. Her fantasy-inspired creations make the prospect of wearing a belt pack less the vestige of a sad '80s trend and more the raiment of the urban heroine.

Steampunk Shoes By Metropolis Alternative

This post happened because reasons. Because sometimes you need a little more brass clockwork in your life.

5 Steampunk Fashion Tips For Women

A contemporary take on Victorian sci-fi, steampunk isn't just a pop-culture genre — it's also a fashion aesthetic and lifestyle. And its female adherents say it's especially awesome — even the corsets.

Steampunk Spider-Man

Resident steampunk hater and my boss, Scott Lamb, is out today so I POST WHAT I WANT. Help enable my addiction by basking in the amazing art of Denis Mendri.


Prada Goes "Steampunk" For Fall

The Prada Menswear Fall/ Winter 2012 Collection, modeled by Gary Oldman, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell, and Willem Dafoe.

Breathtakingly Decadent Hand Wrought Jewelry

Warning: This post may cause seizures brought on by excessive coveting. Julee Drain of Harlequin Romantique has a serious gift.

10 Fashionably Steampunk Tiny Top Hats

Can we all just agree to let miniature hats happen? Little Cassaroo is making it impossible to relegate these accessories to cosplay.

Steampunk Darth Vader And Boba Fett

And then every day was Halloween.

Nicki Minaj's New Steampunk Music Video

The Biebs had a steampunk Christmas, and now it's Nicki's turn.

19th Century Star Wars Portraits

Greg Peltz created these original Star Wars meets Sherlock Holmes portraits that even a non-Star Wars fan can appreciate. For the hardcore Star Wars fan who has everything, click on the links to get your own portrait for display.


Wonderful World Of Disney Steampunk

In an alternate universe, animation is powered by steam and unicorns. And somehow Mecanique Fairy has tapped into this world with her beautiful fan art.

Defining Steampunk Through Song

Hint: You can't just glue gears on it and call it a day. Dismayed by the sheer number of bizarre creations for sale masquerading as "steampunk", Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esq. let out his rage in song.

Justin Bieber Murders Steampunk

Also portrays Santa's workshop as a dystopian society where only the robotic frolicking of downtrodden giant elves alleviates the dreariness of life. Is there anything this teen menace won't ruin?


Hand-Made Predator

Crafted from recycled metal, useless auto parts, and various machines, this 8'2, 1102-lb steampunk Predator is undeniably bad ass.

Steampunk Mechanical Spider Train Model

You will never get to ride on this magnificent beast. Damn you, electricity and your siren song of efficient power!

Steampunk Pumpkin Buckets

Even the children from the Airship Age celebrate Halloween. You've still got a few days to make your own.

Steampunk Supergirl

Even with a bustle this outfit is more practical than half her regular costumes. Steampunk alternate universe, DC...I demand it.

Don't Trust Your Hotel Safe

I never trusted these...

Steampunk Octopus Sighting At Burning Man

Granted, it wasn't "leagues under the sea", but we're fairly sure Captain Nemo would have taken an interest in this particular octopus nonetheless. Click here to see what else you missed at this year's Burning Man Festival.

Inside A Steampunk Apartment

If you've ever been curious what it's like to truly live like a steampunk--and honestly, who hasn't--you'll want to check out the amazing intricacies of this apartment in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. Originally designed by Jeremy Noritz, the loft is now for sale for $1.75 million, as-is. What a steel.

Stunning Steam Punk Gas Masks

Okay, so if I don't eat for two months, I can budget one of these in. What's that? Resident Steam Punk hater Scott Lamb is away? Excellent. Perfect time to showcase the amazing work of Tom Banwell.


30 Nerdy Weddings

Nerds sanctifying their love for one another and for sci-fi/fantasy franchises. This is where you will be going if you RSVP to one of these invitations.

Pocket Kraken Is Watching You

Oh get your mind out of the gutter. Creator Miss Monster claims, "If anyone but the owner slips a hand into a pocket the wee Kraken will deliver a sound bite with her parrot like beak alerting all to the potential pickpocket." Science needs to make these a reality.

Steampunk Wonder Woman

Illustrator Serge Birault made this Wonder Woman with a steampunk tesla lasso.

Not Steampunk

BuzzFeed Managing Editor Scott Lamb hates steampunk. In honor of his birthday today, here is a list of Etsy items mislabeled or erroneously tagged as steampunk. He should love all these things. (From Not Remotely Steampunk on Regretsy)

Steampunk Heroes And Villains

Artist Chet Phillips reimagined famous superbeings as Victorian gentlepeoples and roustabouts of sublime wonderment. Available in trading card sets, there's the Union of Superlative Heroes and the Order of Nefarious Villains. Excelsior!


Crazy Steampunk USB Flash Drives

These flash drives can be found on Etsy. (N.B.: This post is best viewed through a monocle.)

Steampunk R2-D2

I love R2-D2!

Steampunk Etch-A-Sketch

Reddit user HaloKitty put together this fully functional steam punk etch-a-sketch. I wish I had one of these when I was a kid.


Batman Steampunk Posters

Comic book writer Warren Ellis challenged his fans to come up with original, steampunky artwork for never-made silent Batman movies. These are but a few of the results, with plenty more over at the Whitechapel forums. Even steampunk haters (who are going to hate) should find these clever and well-executed.

Steampunk Iron Man

Marvel Costume Contest Winner: Steampunk Iron Man. [Ed. note: Click through for tons more where that came from, assuming you're an aficionado of steampunkery.]

Liquid Lights

Liquid lights are cool, funky and a little bit freaky. These lights, by Tanya Clarke, combine recycled pipes with hand-crafted glass drops and LEDs.


"Is It Steampunk?" Flowchart

Hey guys, I figured out steampunk.

The Anachronism

"The Anachronism is an award-wining Steampunk short about two children who discover the wreck of a giant squid submarine on a beach near their home." A Turtlefeed find.

Steampunk Star Wars

From SILLOF, a set of Victorian Steampunk Star Wars figures. You're either going to love this or hate it - there's probably no in between when it comes to combining Star Wars with Steampunk. Click through for a bunch more.

Hemlock [Video]

A pretty little short film about the pitfalls of immortality made for the CGSociety challenge: Steampunk – Myths & Legends.

Fire-Breathing Robodog

Steampunks at the Mutoid Waste Company trot Larry, an enormous, fire-breathing robot dog, out onto the streets of Londontown.

Goth Bellydance

Here's a performance from a goth bellydance event.

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