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New App Peach Is Blowing Up

Peach appeared from nowhere and we're not sure what it's "for," but whatever.


The Top 25 Twitter Users On Twitter (Literally)

The only thing cooler than having a first name twitter handle like Jack, Ryan, Jessica or Samir is to be a number, or so I thought. Here are some interesting things about lucky twitter users @1-@25.

Social Media Explained In One Image

It's as easy as pee! A clever explanation for how we use the various social networks we're addicted to surged on Reddit today in the form of this old image, made from an even older tweet. I decided to expand on the topic by updating the original and making a bit pretty, too. Add your own suggestions in the comments!

Aha Moments = Twitter + Wikipedia

The folks over at BetterExplained have created what they feel is a better way to share your insights. The goal of Aha Moments is to make a Twitter/Wikipedia mashup of quick thoughts that assist in understanding an idea. Why don't you help by sharing your own Aha Moment? (Via)

Plant Fed Up With Facebook Drowns

Meet Eater is a plant in an experiment by Queensland state library, which gets watered by Facebook interactions - people becoming fans or writing on its wall. The plant is now in its third incarnation, since the first two have been drowned by a worldwide outpouring of love and affection (and water).


Top 11 OpenBook Facebook Searches

Openbook is a brilliant new site that allows you to search Facebook status updates. Take a tour through the wonderful world of oversharers who don't know how to set their Facebook privacy settings.

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