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Cartoon Network Takes Over Taiwan's Trains

Pretty much the best way to get to work ever. Nancyhsu1990 commented, "Taiwan High Speed Rail turned the latest train into the world’s first Cartoon Network theme train. Had a great time riding it, though somehow it seems that parents are more excited then the kids…"

Not Now, Skeletor!

Check out this new tumblr featuring Skeletor hanging out with or being in the way of other cartoon characters. Apparently Skeletor is the guy who just hangs around with whoever. You know the kind. The guy that nobody talks to, but just comes out anyways. It is kind of sad really. (Via The Uniblog)

Skeletor Saves

New York's hosting a He-Man themed Charity art show to benefit homeless youth. The pieces range from your standard Mer-Man-as-gay-speedo-model portraiture to the genuinely weird. Maybe Skeletor isn't as bad as we all thought? (Tons more at Skeletor Saves.)


He-Man On An Average Day

Not every day in Eternia can be full of adventure. Kiersten over at You Fail captures the mediocrity behind the scenes. Sadly, She-Ra getting her eyebrows waxed is missing.

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