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Sex Tapes

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape

[UPDATE: Chelsea Handler video is apparently going to be released? The non-sex versions of the Chelsea Handler sextape have already surfaced, so, I dunno, cross your fingers! According to RadarOnline, the rest of the tape will be available to watch online soon.] Chelsea Handler, who is the controversial host of Chelsea Lately (controversial in that there is controversy related to whether she is capable of being funny under any circumstances), apparently made a sex tape! As a joke! It's the world's first joke sex tape. She claims it was made as a spoof on the audition-tape format. Apparently, it begins as a stand-up routine and then degenerates. Watch Chelsea Handler's sextape at her next birthday party - evidently she does showings.

Britney's Sex Tape

Britney's former boyfriend, vagina-chinned paparazzo Adnan Ghalib claims to own a sex tape in which the former pop star wears only a pink wig and only a pink wig.

Ranae Shrider Opens Up

Ranae Shrider, of Verne Troyer sex tape fame, reveals intimate details of their relationship.

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