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Sex Workers

The Sex Trafficking Panic Is Based On Myths

Politicians and moral crusaders insist we need sweeping new laws to combat a so-called sex trafficking crisis. But their claims are easily disproven by the facts.

Sex Work Has A Class Problem

In my work as an escort, I’ve seen that the stigma and inequality underlying the industry’s “whore-archy” make for a system rigged against those with the least privilege.

An Escort Killed Her Client In Self-Defense — Then Came The Aftermath

Last summer, Neal Falls tried to murder Heather Saul — and police suspect she wasn’t the first escort he targeted. After killing him in self-defense, she was hailed as a vigilante hero, flooded with support, and turned into a symbol of the perils of sex work, but she wasn't ready for any of it.

Why Are So Many Black Transgender Women Getting Killed In Detroit?

More trans women were killed in the United States in the past 12 months than any year on record — and nowhere do the violence and homicides appear as concentrated as the Palmer Park area in Detroit. BuzzFeed News went to ask trans women who live there what they think is happening.

A&E Removes "8 Minutes" Episodes From Its Website After Sex Workers Allege Wrongdoing

On Tuesday morning, the webpage for A&E's 8 Minutes — and all the episodes — were gone after allegations reported by BuzzFeed News that the show lied to sex workers. UPDATE: After being contacted by BuzzFeed News, the show's page — but not the episodes — was again live. A&E still has not commented.

What Is It Really Like To Work In A Brothel?

Dennis Hof owns and runs seven brothels in Nevada. He has had sex with more than 4,000 women, including 23-year-old Ava Adora, his most recent hire and current girlfriend. Ava tells BuzzFeed she is happier — and richer — than she has ever been. Is it time for the U.K. to follow suit and legalise the ownership of brothels?

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