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Inspiring River Horse Sculptures

For the world’s largest art competition ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, cancer survivor Richard Morse created this installation called “Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Unwavering pertinacity; perseverance."

Amusing Stone Art

Hirotoshi Itoh uses rocks obtained in a river bank close to his house to make sculptures with an incredible sense of humor and structure.


Beautiful Wire Mesh Portraits

Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park creates these portraits by layering meticulously snipped wires. The effect is stunning.

Futuristic Animal Sculptures Made Out Of Broken CDs

CDs suddenly don't seem so obsolete when artist Sean Avery reassembles them as beautiful, (literally) reflective pieces of art. His ability to create the texture of fur and feathers using nothing but recycled materials is not only impressive but visually striking. Unfortunately trying to pet any of these animals would probably yield to a whole lot of band-aids.

Hubcap Creatures

Artist Ptolemy Elrington uses old hubcaps to make animals, dragons, and other sculptures using a knife and hacksaw. He likes to use BMW and Mercedes caps because of their quality and flexibility.


Sculpture Made Out Of 10,000 Flip Flops

The Fat Monkey, or Macaco Gordo, was designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, in Sao Paulo Brazil. With the help of local art students, the inflatable base is covered in 10,000 flip flops and is over 45-feet-long. (via)

Good News Everyone! Ultra-Realistic Futurama Sculptures

DeviantArt user Artanis-One has created a series of sculptures that depict life-like versions of our favorite Futurama characters. They are pretty impressively done. Here's hoping she completes the set!

Sculptures Made From Recycled Tires

Korean Artist Yong Ho Ji creates these complicated layered sculptures using pieces of recycled tires. (via The Uniblog)

Nyan Cat In A Bottle

Black Mago is a multi-media artist who creates teeny sculptures and puts them inside the tiniest of bottles. The bottles feature things like Pokemon, Kappas, Nyan Cat and even a few Studio Ghibli creatures. (via The Uniblog)

The Paper Sculptures Of Calvin Nicholls

Using nothing but a scalpel, time, patience, and well-lit sheets of paper, Calvin Nicholls makes these paper sculptures for use in advertising campaigns, private collectors, institutions and galleries. Nicholls has been making these magnificent paper creations since the '80s, and a significant portion of his work (over 75 pieces) can be found at Follett Library Resources in McHenry, IL where the library supply company has been using his creations in their international branding since the mid '90s. (Via The BuzzBrewery)

The Creepy Cute Sculptures Of Kate MacDowell

When Kate MacDowell hand-sculpts these porcelain pieces, what she's thinking about is the idealized notion of unity with the natural world and how it conflicts with our contemporary impact on the environment. Regardless of what that's supposed to mean, the end result is a fusion of delicate, cute, creepy, shocking and heart-breaking. (Via The BuzzBrewery)

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