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Classical Statues Get A Hipster Makeover

Léo Caillard turns classic Greek statues into modern hipsters. They've never looked so good.


Terrifying Sculptures By Mark Jenkins

Imagine walking around the corner and seeing one of these. American artist Mark Jenkins is fond of installing sculptures in public that hurtle you screaming into the uncanny valley.

Impressive Egon Spengler Sculpture

Carl Lyon, the artist responsible for this piece of work, likely has it on display next to his molds, spores, and fungus.


Retro Star Wars Figurines

Inspired by Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and '40s serials, Sillof's Workshop designed this series it calls 'Serial Wars'. See their other customized styles here.

Sculptures Made From Recycled Tires

Korean Artist Yong Ho Ji creates these complicated layered sculptures using pieces of recycled tires. (via The Uniblog)

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