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22 Statues That Don't Quite Look Right

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially when the beholder thinks a sculpture looks like a giant peen.

Rocking Hot Dog

There is absolutely no sexual subtext for this toy. None. Next up, a cheeseburger sit-n-spin.

Chinese Park Made Of Clay

Like the Terracotta Soldiers, only with less sub-par Brenden Fraser movies made about it. It has to be a cultural difference that hundreds of people can mingle with these clay sculptures without defacing them.

18 Famous Artworks Censored For Your Protection

Remember kids, blood and gore are fine but boobs will make you blind. Damn hippies of the past, slapping the words "Venus" or "Nymph" on everything to slide past the censors.


Written Portraits

Obligatory Facebook joke goes here. For the annual Dutch Book Week, artist Souverein crafted the faces behind famous biographies. Each bust was created using actual pages from the book about their subject.

The Feces Machine

The Cloaca No. 5 is a mechanical art piece that duplicates the human digestive system. Once it's turned on, it generates authentic dollops of feces, sealed and vacuum-packed for posterity.

Junkyard Sound Sculpture

Artist André Avelãs's sound sculpture combines speakers, turntables and audio equipment to create one of the coolest methods of scaring away trespassers.

Nightmare Playgrounds

Playgrounds featuring inadvertently creepy sculptures, found mostly in Russia and China.

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