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Scott Disick

Penelope Disick Broke Down In Tears When Kourtney Kardashian Told Her Over The Phone That She And Travis Barker Had Gotten Engaged And It Caused A Ton Of Drama Behind-The-Scenes

Kourtney liked a few tweets slamming her family’s “awful decision” for making her kids feel like “outcasts” after everyone — including Travis’s three children — celebrated her engagement without them.

Kourtney Kardashian Hit Back At A Commenter Who Accused Her Of Never Spending Time With Her Kids Anymore Days After She Was Dragged For Her “Tasteless” PDA With Travis Barker At A Wedding

Kourtney also found herself facing criticism this week after she said she “loved Travis more than anything” and described him as her “favorite everything,” prompting fans to question the relationship she currently has with her children.

Scott Disick Was Spotted Hanging Out With Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker And Filming For Their New Hulu Show Days After Their First Instagram Interaction Since The Engagement And That Leaked DM Drama

Despite rumors that he had “distanced himself” from the family, Scott came together with Kourtney and Travis for the very first time since it was reported that he had “gone off the deep end” after their engagement.

Amelia Hamlin Gave The Middle Finger On Instagram After Scott Disick Was Pictured With Another Woman In His First Appearance Since Breaking His Social Media Silence Following Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker’s Engagement

Scott was seen out with a new woman on Friday as fans continue to worry about his well-being after the news of Kourtney's engagement and his recent split from Amelia.

Scott Disick Just Unfollowed All Of The Kardashians On Instagram Weeks After He Was Exposed For Dragging Kourtney Kardashian In Leaked DMs And It Looks Like The Start Of A Messy Feud

The mass unfollowing comes just months after Scott expressed concern that he and the Kardashians would "grow apart" without "KUWTK," and on the same day the family began shooting for their new Hulu show, which they've hinted will feature Kourtney and Travis.

Listen: Does Gen Z Even Care About The Kardashians?

“In January 2020 we had the big TikTok boom, and it became clear that Gen Z was dominating the cultural conversation. Even the platforms that the Kardashians were using felt a little bit old school.”

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