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“It’s not your father’s drug market,” said one expert. “We have a synthetic drug crisis caused by stronger and more potent drugs.”

PG&E’s bankruptcy could have major spillover effects on the solar, wind, and electric car industries.

At least "climate change is a real emergency," said one House Democrat.

The 2017 study was covered by dozens of news outlets, including BuzzFeed News.

PFAS “forever chemicals” are found in many consumer products, including nonstick cookware, carpets, and easy-glide floss.

Operation Reinhard, the deadliest Nazi murder campaign in the Holocaust, killed roughly 1.7 million Jews during World War II.

Just another year of climate change, sexual harassment, scientific fraud, and nuclear radiation!

Yet another concern for air passengers: climate change.

For decades, companies worked to cast doubt on whether sugar harms — until Cristin Kearns started digging up the dirt.

“Google doesn’t really have any incentive to clean up its own app store,” said one child advocate.

“I think there’s going to be a reckoning next year,” said one climate expert.

The outdoorsman, known for his love of taxidermy, is leaving the Interior after allegations that he used his power for personal financial gain.

The victims were beaten or threatened with deadly weapons. They were taunted with racist or anti-gay abuse. Yet the police decided these weren’t hate crimes.

“These are very ambiguous results,” one critic said.

The US is planning a pro–fossil fuel event next week on the sidelines of the climate negotiations in Poland.

We don’t know exactly when and where wildfires will strike, but almost two decades of fire history show the areas at highest risk.

“Using heroin in this way, frankly, freaks people out in the US,” said one expert.

No one believed Tchiya Amet when she said Tyson had raped her in the 1980s. Now, three other women tell BuzzFeed News that he harassed them, including one who’s sharing her story publicly for the first time.

“I didn’t want to be a lab rat,” a man who dropped out of the experiment told a Chinese magazine.

Expectations are lackluster for the year’s most important climate meeting, starting today in Poland’s coal country and sponsored by coal companies.

“Where are we going to be in another 10 years if we don’t do something?”

At a meeting in Hong Kong, Jiankui He said he has created 31 gene-edited human embryos so far.

“We are far off track,” one expert said.

“I’m angry on behalf of the genetic engineering community. I’m angry on behalf of the HIV community,” one expert said.

“Lulu and Nana might be sitting out there with off-target effects of all kinds,” said one expert.

“The impacts of climate change are already being felt in communities across the country,” per the new US government report.

The avocado boom has birthed a fight over who gets to make money off the patented giant “Carla.”

“It's hard to imagine hunter-gatherers feasting on the sheer quantity of food that Americans eat at Thanksgiving,” said one anthropologist.

After a wildfire destroyed the town of Paradise, nearby Chico is struggling to absorb the new demands for housing. "We’re out of rentals 100%," one real estate agent said.

Particulate matter in smoke can aggravate asthma and pose a risk to your heart.

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, the feds still don’t know the original source of the salmonella outbreak that has sickened 164 people and killed one.

Before joining Trump's EPA, Andrew Wheeler was a coal lobbyist. He must still be confirmed by the Senate.

A $238,000 federal study will follow more than 10,000 medical marijuana patients in New York over the next two years to see if their opioid use drops.

Homeowners in these areas will need to get used to flooding year after year.

“Building the airplane is the easy part,” said a NASA official.

It was jobs against the climate in this year’s environmental politics fights. Jobs won.

Oil and gas companies spent millions this year in opposition to the proposed rule.

Cornell is looking at whether its star professor’s misconduct affected research funded by the federal government.

In most of the country, candidates don’t have to wade through the environmental muck. Not so in Florida.

The open letter says that any attempt to define gender based on a person’s anatomy at birth or their genes is not grounded in science.

Male rats zapped with high radiation actually lived longer, on average, than their undosed counterparts, because they suffered lower rates of kidney disease.

“The practice of science requires the highest levels of transparency,” researchers said in an open letter to Cornell.

Vanderbilt University placed David Sweatt on leave in August, after the allegation surfaced on Twitter. Records obtained by BuzzFeed News show that the school was warned he was a “potential safety threat” in 2017.

Prompted by an alarming new study, advocacy groups want the feds to investigate how apps target preschoolers.

If Jair Bolsonaro opens the Amazon to more business, as his backers want, the new president threatens the world’s ability to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis conducted studies using psychoactive drugs on “agitated” patients without their consent.

Environmentalists who want to pass new regulations on oil and gas sites in Colorado have raised about $1 million. Their oil industry opponents have raised more than $35 million.

Some prosecutors are cracking down on prescription fraud involving the common addiction treatment Suboxone. Critics say this will only fuel the epidemic.

Native Americans in Minnesota are six times more likely to die of an overdose than white residents — the widest race-based disparity of any US state.

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