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San Bernardino

DOJ Wants Apple To Extract Data From 12 Other iPhones

As the FBI and Apple clash over unlocking one encrypted iPhone in San Bernardino, a new document reveals government plans to extract information from iOS devices in 12 other active cases in the U.S.

Donald Trump Calls For Apple Boycott

The presidential candidate called on the public to boycott Apple until the iPhone maker helps the FBI gain access to a locked phone used by the San Bernardino attackers.

Encryption Legislation Looms Over Washington After Apple Court Order

“Apple chose to protect a dead ISIS terrorist's privacy over the security of the American people," Sen. Tom Cotton says, while Sen. Dianne Feinstein vows to introduce a bill to force Apple to comply with a court order giving the FBI access to the San Bernardino shooters' phone.

2015 Was A Crazy Year For L.A. Police Chases

Every year is a crazy year in L.A., but 2015 brought us a horse chase-turned-police beating, an acrobatic motorcyclist, a slow moving "victory parade," and much, much more.

Gay, Transgender Inmates Sue California Jail Over Alleged Discrimination

The ACLU filed a class action lawsuit against the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department in California on Wednesday. Gay, transgender, and bisexual inmates do not have access to opportunities and are often treated with neglect or abuse, the lawsuit alleged.

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