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Rush Limbaugh

Who Is Sandra Fluke?

You might want to use this in the comments section after you see CNN's chryon describing the women's reproductive rights activist.


Obama Hasn't Always Liked John McCain's Immigration Stance

At a fundraiser tonight, President Barack Obama said his 2008 opponent believes in Immigration reform, as opposed to Mitt Romney. But in 2008, Obama ran this ad attacking McCain on Immigration, tying him to Rush Limbaugh and George W. Bush.


GOP Group To Obama: "Give Back The Cash"

The American Future Fund calls on Obama to demand that his Super PAC return $1 million donation from "sexist" comedian Bill Maher. History of offensive comments sparks cries of double-standard in conservative circles.


A Graph Of How Rush Limbaugh Thinks Birth Control Works

Rush Limbaugh doesn't know anything about birth control. I wonder if he knows a thing or two about Viagra?


Rush Limbaugh Wants Sex Tapes

After saying women on birth control are sluts, Rush continues to press the issue. Now he's saying he wants sex tapes of Sandra Fluke if he is "going to pay for her contraceptives."

33 Insane Portraits Of President Obama By Dan Lacey

You may know him best as "The Painter Of Pancakes," but Dan Lacey could just as easily be known as "The Painter Of Barack Obama Frequently Nude And Riding A Unicorn." My favorite is the one with Ben Bernanke spooning Obama.


Rush Limbaugh's Subtle Hint

Redditor Carblos snapped this pic down the street from the site of the Tucson shootings.

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