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So Hey, Let’s Talk About The Violence In Kerala

Both the left and the right have blood on their hands, but somehow the RSS and the BJP continue to peddle the story of their innocence.

Bharat Mata And Her Unruly Daughters

The saffron flag-wielding RSS version of Mother India excludes several identities that are just as Indian as her savarna sons.

Dreams Of A Hindu Rashtra

A journey into the heart of the Hindutva project.

13 Things That Have Changed Since The BJP Took Over Three Years Ago

Caste violence, unemployment and crimes against women have worsened. Poverty and GDP have improved.

The Hindu Mahasabha Rejected Statues Of Gandhi's Assassin For Looking Too Chubby

You think people won't fat shame you just because you're an inanimate object? Think again, guy.

18 Comments Glorifying Rape That Have Been Broadcast In India

With the documentary India's Daughter prohibited from being aired on television due to its provocative content, here's what some authority figures have said about rape recently.

U.S. Court Issues Summons To Indian PM Over Alleged Role In Deadly Gujarat Riots

Narendra Modi arrives in New York Friday for a five-day visit to the U.S.

Aaron Swartz, Internet Activist, Commits Suicide

Swartz was the co-author of the first RSS specification, an instrumental part in creating Reddit, and co-founder of the Advocacy group Demand Progress. He was 26.

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