romney 2012

  • Mitt Romney’s 2008 Health Care Reform Plan

    Mitt Romney often defends the individual mandate that was the cornerstone of his Massachusetts health care reform law by saying it was put in place on a state level. But the health care reform plan he campaigned on in 2008 was also largely centered around the concept. Although the plan implies using a “federalist approach,” the plan doesn’t specifically imply it that it is a states-only approach. Implementing the concepts laid out in the Romney plan, including the “Stop The Free Riders,” concept would most likely have to involve some coordination on the federal level.

  • Mitt Romney Suggests Hezbollah-Style Health Diplomacy

    At a town hall meeting in Ottumwa, Iowa in July 2007 Mitt Romney suggested that America should engage in health diplomacy similar to the approach that Hezbollah has taken in Lebanon. Hezbollah has benefited politically by building schools and clinics which offer free education and health services to the people of southern Lebanon. Romney is pointing out that American diplomacy could benefit from a similar approach.