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Robots Are Going To Rule The World

31 Unbelievable Robots That Totally Deserve To Steal Your Job

Robots are about to get you fired. But let's face it, that's because they're so much better at your job than you are.

The Top 10 TV Robots You Wish Were Your Best Friend

Because sometimes friendship requires an off switch.

Creepy Robotic Spider Is Creepy

I knew no good would come from 3-D printing, god damnit.

The Internet's Creepiest Robots


Apocalypse Nears As Robots Prove They Can Learn Music

Watch the little androids play electronic music.

A Robot That Always Wins Rock, Paper, Scissors

Made by Ishikawa Oku Laboratories, this robot can't lose. Why was it made? Something to do with "human-machine cooperation systems." Which we don't get, but what the hey.

Sushibot Does Exactly What You'd Think

Coming to a kitchen or sushi bar near you.

Adorable Jumping Robot

Prepare to bow to your robot overlords. This 11-lb robot can jump 30 feet in the air. Supposedly it's "for science", but it's pretty obvious that SkyNet is behind it.

Adorable Robot Plushies

I feel like we should have a discussion about these unbearably cute robots made by Etsy user Littlebrownbyrd. Because if the perpetrators of the eventual robot takeover are even half as adorable as these guys...well, I'm good.

Flying Robots Perform The James Bond Theme Song

It's all fun and games until they become self-aware.

Japanese Robot Girlfriend

From a technological perspective, this is pretty amazing stuff. But from a human perspective, it's about the most depressing thing you can imagine.


This Robot Can Ride A Bicycle

Of course, it's a fixie. I, for one, welcome our new hipster robot overlords.

Pooper Scooper Robot

Forget exploring the universe, performing microsurgeries, or protecting the human race. The PR2 robot is built for one purpose - pick up dog poop.

Hair Washing Robot

Robots are slowly taking over. The proof is right here, as a robot fills in for a shampoo person at a salon.

The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot Is Arab

And here my money was on the Japanese. With the goal of bringing service robots to help people, Emirates based PAL Robotics has developed some of the world's most advanced humanoid robots, the REEM-series.

The Running Robot

One step closer to the reality of Will Smith's "I, Robot" (terrifying, I know), these robots created by Toyota can actually run about 7 km/hr.

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