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8 Modern Redesigns Of Classic '80s Movie Posters

Van Orton Design brings these movies back to the future with a stunning stained-glass themed revamp.

RoboCop: The Musical

Because a $50,000 statue for the city of Detroit�doesn't pay homage enough, Austin's Old Murder House Theatre is presenting a live production of Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop. Tickets are $5 and ... did I mention the set is made of cardboard? (via.)

First Look At The RoboCop Statue

An early look at the RoboCop statue, funded with $50,000 raised through the Kickstarter page Detroit Needs A RoboCop Statue. This preview is just a bust, but the finished product will be a life size, full-bodied Robo. Let the debate begin about whether or not $50,000 could be spent more wisely. More info about the statue over at io9 .


Alternate Reality Movie Posters

Artist Sean Hartter conjured up these Bizarro World film posters, done in the style of '70s b-movies, featuring his ideal casts and directors. I'd give anything to see Jodorowsky's take on "Star Wars."

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