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What Happens When Christian Movies Go Mainstream?

Faith-based hits like God's Not Dead and I Can Only Imagine aren't the surprise they used to be. But how will an industry fueled by a sense of neglect handle mainstream acceptance?

25 Reasons Why People Stopped Believing In God

"My family thought I was possessed by demons, so they called a priest over to exorcise me."

It’s Starting To Look Like God Won’t Save Us From Global Warming

“There is no sign of religious people saving us from climate change.”

Chinese Police Officers Have Raided Mosques In A New Crackdown On Religion

The raids are the latest in a Chinese move against unregistered religious institutions.


What Gift Would You Have Given Baby Jesus Based On Your Fave Christmas Carols?

Luckily, you don't have to travel 100s of miles to give it to him.

In The ’70s, A Bunch Of White People Built A Town In India. Today, It’s A Kind Of Paradise.

While urban Indians like me run our own home into the ground, the 50% foreign community of Auroville has turned barren land into a lush forest. For more on this story, watch Follow This on Netflix.

Why The Modest Fashion Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere

What started out as a religious niche has matured into a $250 billion industry designed by and for women of faith who love fashion. For more on modest fashion, watch BuzzFeed News’ Follow This series on Netflix.

The Uniting Church Just Started Holding Same-Sex Weddings. Soon It Could All End Again

All same-sex marriages conducted within the Uniting Church would remain legal, even if the church stopped performing them.

The Liberal Candidate For Wentworth Doesn't Think Religious Schools Should Be Allowed To Fire LGBT Teachers

"I'm fundamentally opposed to discrimination in schools, for pupils or for teachers, on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, or really anything else for that matter," Dave Sharma said.

This Man Challenged A $20 Voting Fine And It Went To The Supreme Court

Australian man Adam James Easton said voting would leave him feeling "morally corrupt". He won in court — but then he lost.


Kids Describe What They Imagine Hell Is Like

"I think cats are evil. Hell might be full of cats."

I Found Community In The Catholic Church. Now I Feel Betrayed.

When news broke that my youth group’s founder was a serial sexual abuser, I left the church for good. Ten years later, the Catholic Church is in just as bad — if not worse —shape.

19 Goddamn Hilarious Tweets That'll Get You Sent To The Bad Place

"If you want to read Shrek’s favourite verse in the Bible, just open up to Psalm-BODY ONCE TOLD ME."

The Catholic Church Says It Won't Break The Confessional Seal To Report Child Abuse

"We are committed to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable people while maintaining the seal."

I Believe In Skin Care

When I left the Christian faith, my lifespan shrank from eternity to maybe 80 years. Now I’m hell-bent on retaining what I have for as long as I can.

This Woman Says She Breastfed Her Baby At Church, Then Was Punished By Its Leaders

The Utah woman told BuzzFeed News local church leaders denied her access to sacred buildings after she refused to cover up while feeding her infant daughter.

Inside The World Of Brooklyn Dominatrixes And Their Orthodox Jewish Clients

"Hasids are outsiders in New York, and so are sex workers. So, I think they maybe see us in a weird way as outlaws, like them."

Falling For A Woman While She's Falling For A Cult

An excerpt from R.O. Kwon's debut novel The Incendiaries.

This Muslim Woman Appealed Over Not Being Able To Testify With Her Face Covered. She Lost.

The judge acted fairly when she ruled Moutia Elzahed couldn't give evidence with her face covered, an appeal court says.


The Mormon Church Is Making A Big Change After Women Said They Were Encouraged To Stay With Their Abusers

The guidelines issued to church leaders state for the first time that "members should never be encouraged to remain in a home or situation that is abusive or unsafe."

In The Wake Of Rob Porter Allegations, Mormon Women Say Church Leaders Encouraged Them To Stay With Their Abusers

Nearly two dozen women told BuzzFeed News they went to Mormon church leaders after suffering abuse at home and were counseled to remain in their relationships. Some were warned their eternal salvation could be jeopardized if they left their violent partners.

How Do You Rebuild Your Life After Leaving A Polygamous Sect?

A decade ago, members of the FLDS — a fundamentalist sect of the Mormon church that practices polygamy — began leaving of their own volition. Today, they’re returning home to rewrite the dark narrative that’s formed around them.

Trans People Answer The Questions You Only Ask Google

Real people answering questions you've asked Google about the trans experience.

Are Ancient Jewish Traditions The Future Of The Wellness Industry?

In an era of wellness retreats and digital detoxes, old Jewish rituals have found a new resonance, unattached — for better or worse — from the strictures of tradition.

20 Of The Most Non-Sanskaari Things That Happened In 2017

Only the best kind of savage non-sanskaari behaviour to be expected from us.

This Is What Being An Exorcist Is Actually Like

When it comes to evil spirits, Brother Carlos doesn't mess around.

We Witnessed The Exorcism Of Bekki Magenheim

"The fire is on. The fire is on. The fire is burning you right now from head to toe!" Welcome to the latest installment of Shane and Ryan's unsolved ghosthunter mystery tour.


Meet The Riders Of The Sikh Motorcycle Club Of The Northeast

Riding their bikes together offers this group of Sikhs an all-American way to celebrate their faith, in a country where it often makes them targets.

Mayim Bialik Has Apologized For Her Op-Ed About The "Flip Side" Of Sexual Harassment

The Big Bang Theory actor was dragged online after writing a New York Times op-ed that suggested women dress more modestly to avoid harassment from men.



A Muslim Preacher's Texting Scandal Is Making Some Women Speak Out About Sexism

“The reality is, speaking out as a woman can cost you your reputation, your job opportunities,” said one woman who criticized Nouman Ali Khan — and says it speaks to a bigger problem in the community.

18 Photos Of People Who Believe That They're Jesus Christ

"I've tried to take each Messiah's claims as seriously as possible and tried to see what the world looks like from that perspective."

How A Rapist Used Cinema To Convince Lakhs Of People That He's A Victim

Gurmeet Singh’s films blur the lines between reel and real by combining the lived experiences of the audience with clever propaganda.

Integrar a la comunidad musulmana española no significa ayudarnos a dejar de parecerlo

Cómo las madres musulmanas quieren construir comunidades preparadas para la sociedad de hoy, espacios seguros para musulmanes y musulmanas, salafíes y sufíes, musulmanas conversas y LGTB.




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