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Buy This Slightly Imperfect Foam Mattress

A seller on etsy tries to spin a heart-shaped placental after-birth stain as a "romantic addition for anyone looking to add that extra spark to your love life."


Beautiful Drawings Made With Human Hair

Each line in these drawings by Melanie Bilenker are made using strands of the artist's own hair! The delicate drawings depict quiet scenes of domestic life which are sealed in Victorian-inspired brooches and rings. And you thought all hair art had to leave you wishing for an UnSee Button.

Not Steampunk

BuzzFeed Managing Editor Scott Lamb hates steampunk. In honor of his birthday today, here is a list of Etsy items mislabeled or erroneously tagged as steampunk. He should love all these things. (From Not Remotely Steampunk on Regretsy)


9/11 in McMembrance Painting

For just $50 you can class up your home or office with this 9/11 commemorative painting straight out of an imaginary alternate reality. I'll let the seller explain: "In an alternate universe after 9/11 (our nation's tragedy) McDonald's builds a giant GOLDEN ARCHES memorial to replace the fallen World Trade Towers. THEN, they go ahead and sell paintings of said memorial. This is that painting, and when you buy it you are living in that alternative universe. Go ahead, quit your job. It's the end of the world as you know it and you feel like eating a Whopper. Burger King is pretty good!"


Regretsy : Very Regretful Crafts On Etsy

Regretsy is filled with crafts listed on Etsy that pretty much have no business being sold for real money. Check out the great Frida Kahlo Uterus Plushie, Michael Jackson Baseball, Pokemon Menstrual Pad. I know where I'm getting my awkward white elephant office gifts!

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