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Your Favorite Books As Vintage Polish Paperbacks

The folks over at 50 Watts recently held a Polish Book Cover Contest where artists were asked to compose covers for their favorite books as Polish paperbacks from the 40s, 50s and 60s. You can view some of the judges' favorites below. (Via The BuzzBrewery)

Failed FDA Pyramid Redesigns

As recently announced, the FDA has retired the 20-year-old Food Pyramid and replaced it with the MyPlate circle. Many previous designs were envisioned to fit every lifestyle, but they were all ultimately rejected. Here are some of the lifestyle pyramids the FDA did not approve. (Via The BuzzBrewery)


Redesigned Star Wars Posters

The young and very talented illustrator Olly Moss made these breathtaking posters of the first Star Wars trilogy for Mondo tees.

The New Big Ten Logo

The Big Ten is now the Big 12, which is less confusing than the fact that up until recently it was the Big 11. To celebrate this important change, they've modified their logo from the words "Big Ten" with a hidden "11" to the words "Big Ten" with a hidden "10". Problem solved? (Via AdFreak.)

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