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Rebecca Black

"Friday" Singer Rebecca Covered An NSYNC Song And All I Can Say Is WOW

It's time to say "Bye, Bye, Bye" to "Friday" and hello to the real Rebecca Black.


35 Reminders Of What Life Was Like 5 Years Ago

Remember when you put a border and a bad filter on that Insta of you "Tebowing"?

The People You Needed To Read About In 2015

From a recovering teen meme to a historical cipher to Instagram superstars to the leader of the men's rights movement, here are some of the most fascinating people we spent time with this year.

Thanksgiving On The AMAs Red Carpet

“I love all weird meats.”

Celebs Found Out Which J.Lo Song They Are On The AMA’s Red Carpet

“NO! DON’T PICK THAT ONE! Just kidding, pick whatever you want.”

9 Feature Stories You Can't Miss This Week: Faeries, Fighters, And 'Friday'

This week for BuzzFeed News, Reggie Ugwu kicks it in the front seat with Rebecca Black. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed News and around the web.

The Unbreakable Rebecca Black

Four years ago, she introduced the world to the most hated (and maddeningly unforgettable) song in a generation, was passed over by the music industry, and turned into a punchline — all before she was old enough for a learner's permit. Now 18, Rebecca Black is too famous to be normal and too normal to be famous. So what does she have to smile about?


Is It Actually Friday?

Only if it passes the Rebecca Black test of course.

5 Amazing Covers Of Rebecca Black's "Friday" You Didn't Know You Needed

Because everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend (weekend).

21 Songs That Are Guaranteed To Get Stuck In Your Head


Listen To Rebecca Black Sing A Cappella For The First Time Ever

No auto-tune was used in this Lorde cover... and surprisingly, it's pretty good!


Rebecca Black Has A New Song And It's Called "Saturday"


Rebecca Black Thinks "Friday" Is As Cringeworthy As Everyone Else Does

We all regret things we did when we were younger. But most of us didn't create a massively viral song.

There Is Now A Prequel To "Chinese Food" And It's Just As Horrible And Creepy As You'd Expect

The new video is called "ABCDEFG" and it's basically the creepiest thing ever.


Rebecca Black Covers "We Can't Stop" By Miley Cyrus

And it's as awesome (aka awful) as you could imagine.

Awkward Auto-Tune Rap Video

A Rebecca Black moment -- but with a dash of United Colors of Benetton


"Hot Girls" Make Rebecca Black Look Like Adele

If I had to suffer through this, so do you. Somehow this monstrosity was in the Education category on YouTube which is apt, since it teaches you why autotune is so vital.

Is Shira The New Rebecca Black?

Add about 15 years and some ugly lace tights, and you've got this dank gem, "Pound on my Muffin." Not to get technical, but all of the muffins in this video are actually cupcakes.

Amanda Palmer Plays #OccupyBoston

Further proof that Amanda Palmer rules. In addition to stopping by Liberty Plaza today last week, she stopped by #OccupyBoston. Here's her parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday" from the "point of view of a hooker at a truckstop", played on the ukulele.

The Weather Channel, What Comes Before Friday?

I am forcasting a major fail along the Eastern seaboard. Maybe Rebecca Black should teach The Weather Channel what comes before Friday.


The Older Gay Rebecca Black

This song is called "WTF" and it is not a parody. Enjoy.

Rebecca Black Performs "Friday" On America's Got Talent

Proving once and for all that the show's title is ironic.

Rebecca Black Performs "Friday" At Katy Perry Concert

14-year-old Rebecca Black was spotted at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. this weekend and performed her masterwork "Friday" with Katy Perry.

Kids React To "My Moment"

I think William, age 10, sums it up the best.

Rebecca Black And Nyan Cat

Fire in the hole tubes! Everybody down! Lara plays "Friday" and the Nyan Cat theme on piano. Then plays them the same time. The result is surprisingly not horrible?

Behind The Scenes Of "My Moment"

Anyone want to know what went on during the making of Rebecca Black's new single? Anyone?

10 Parodies Of Rebecca Black's "My Moment"

"My Moment" got nearly 6 million views in 24 hours. Now let's hear from the haters.


Rebecca Black Without Autotune

I'm sorry for posting this. So, so sorry. Everyone else has gone home for the night and I can't tell if this is real or just Break messing with me.

If Rebecca Black Were On "Game Of Thrones" ...

Something HBO should maybe consider for season two.


Harry Potter Friday Parody

I'm mostly just impressed that their Mad-Eye actor is dead on.

Rebecca Black's Friday As An 8-Bit Game

Proof that game developers are using time travel for evil purposes.

Friday Is Back!

This time with a Director's Cut. On her own VEVO-Channel.


Wellesley Girl Please

A couple of enthusiastic young women sing the praises of Wellesley College. Could this be the new "Friday"? Your iron-fisted rule is being challenged, Rebecca Black!


Rebecca Black's "Friday" Is About The Kennedy Assassination

In case that's not immediately apparent on the first listen. I maybe would have turned down the autotune a little bit for such a serious, provocative song, but that's my only real criticism of RB's profound analysis of one of America's most devastating historical events. (Via)


Kids React To Rebecca Black

The Rebecca Black backlash ("blacklash"?) has trickled down to the grade school and junior high set. Choice quotes that make you rethink your fatalistic view of our nation's future: "Do I have to listen to the whole thing?" "It's horrible beyond measure." "Yay! It's over!"


Rebecca Black Physics

The thinking behind this song is way more complex than I realized.

Rebecca Black + Star Wars = Primeday

Who knew that the Star Wars universe actually has different names for the days of the week?


Sunday - Rebecca Black Christian Parody

This is pretty incredible. In all honesty, I'm impressed.


Stephen Colbert Sings Friday With the Roots

Colbert gets down with The Roots in his rendition of "Friday" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!


Rebecca Black Vs. DMX

Made by the talented Chamberlain, here's a mashup of "Friday" and "Up In Here."


Julian Assange Friday 'Friday' Dance Party

Julian Assange shakes his WikiLeaks to Rebecca Black. It's a Friday "Friday" Dance-A-Thon with Julian Assange, Thom Yorke and Hassan Baba!

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